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I wanted to let anyone that is considering PA vs NP or RN know that I have experienced a semester of nursing classes, and found that the curicculum did not match my expectations nor seem appropriate... Read More


    Did I scrape a NERVE?????
    Its ok My patients do just fine and I ooze compassion constantly , its not fake and It has a rationel but when ignorance combats the forces that be then one can only tollerate so much.
    I shall write you a care plan you can understand:
    A:Jump of soap box
    P:Move on
    I:Get a life
    E:Unable to evaluate at this time will: due to patients stagnet attitude.
    With all the Love in the World
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    Peeps :kiss Zoe :kiss Everyone :kiss
    All are welcome here and everyone stands to benefit from the lively exchanges and insights on this board as long as they do not turn hurtful.

    I truly believe Peeps was trying to exchange information and present alternative options for students who are not sure which path in healthcare they wish to take. I don't believe his intent was to malign nursing. By the same token, I also recognize how some of his comments appear to devalue the nursing model, which I think, Peeps, is why so many folks are taking issue. From that perspective, it can be construed that you are invalidating the very thing we are all working toward and hold so dear.

    It is hard to interpret the nuances of a discussion online without the benefit of tone of voice, facial expressions, body language, etc. We're all friendlies here - there are no bad guys.

    - Steph
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    Yeah I tend to agree with Kcsun, this is getting ridiculous! I'm tiring of this argument. Peeps, go be a PA, more power to ya honey. I'll stick with nursing, psychosocial crap and all. Don't bust on nursing as a profession and I won't bust on the PA profession. Deal??
    Originally posted by Peeps Mcarthur
    Oh gawwwwd the terror that must register in your patient's eyes once thier sedation has worn off and they realize you are there for them.

    It's time to cycle off the fat-burners I think........ok?
    I have nothing to add to the argument itself...

    But I just wanted to say to Peeps... I'm shocked at your stooping to this level. I've not known this to be typical of you. I've followed this thread with great interest, but I just lost it.

    You just lost it.

    Originally posted by Peeps Mcarthur
    If you could spell, I may have been offended.

    It must just be the pure adrenalin high of inflicting pain, huh.
    Or maybe your large Man-hands get stuck between the keys?
    Oh looky... even more.....

    Quite a downward spiral, eh folks?
  7. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Give me an example of a statement with a quote.

    I did not put down nursing.

    You may percieve it that way though, so why not quote me and explain? Maybe I can offer you a different way of looking at it that you didn't think of before. Maybe I said something in passion that I may want to retract, I've been very upset.
    It really does concern me now. It's clear that a few of you are hurt by some comments, but I really can't answer to them(as i would anything i've said ever ), if you don't quote them and explain what bothers you.

    Insults are darkly satisfying , but I don't think we are of use to eachother with such empty words.

    Me included.

    Please find it in your heart to find the source and talk about it.

    Don't wildtime88 me.(a poster I used to read hear)
    Peeps, I find your train of thought here deeply disturbing.
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    By Heather
    But I just wanted to say to Peeps... I'm shocked at your stooping to this level. I've not known this to be typical of you. I've followed this thread with great interest, but I just lost it.
    Be patient with me Heather.

    This is really nothing compared to the battle of the breastfeeders is it?:chuckle
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  11. by   kcsun3
    Hi Peeps,

    I can't speak for anyone else, and I mostly lurk, so...for whatever its worth...

    I think it's comments such as the following:

    "NP is more nursing,psychosocial,sociological while PA is medical,biological,physiological,scientific."

    that could be perceived as devalueing nursing.

    The nursing profession has battled long and hard for recognition and validation. In the healthcare culture, traditionally anything considered "scientific" has been deemed credible, rational, and valued. The perception seems to be that medicine = science and nursing = pseudoscience/fluff. As such, nursing's contributions to healthcare have historically been devalued and trivialized. But the truth is that neither model can function as an island, and both are grounded in science. The philosophies are different. The approach is different. They complement each other. The negative/hurt feelings come from the implication that nursing is not "scientific" and therefore less valuable/worthy/esteemable.

    As you have stated, it's not that one model is inherently superior to the other - it's just a matter of preference in how you choose to approach treatment and patient care in your practice.
  12. by   meandragonbrett
    Why don't you become a physician. If you don't already know, there's a PA board at Also, your last reply to zoe was ridiculous! Shows your maturity or lack there of....there was no reason to talk to her like that just because she spelled rational wrong! But good luck in whatever profession you go into!

  13. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Yes I can see how that could come out that way if the person reading it was thinking about those other things they've heard.

    Isn't the psychosocial,sociological basis of nursing what separates it from the medical model and gives it the missing qualities that make it holistic? That is the focal point that makes NP unique.

    If you were to compare the two then, wouldn't those qualities be the logical dividing point?

    There are just as many credits(of the same courses) of psych,sociology, and life-span development between them in thier curicculums. The separation of the two is in the way the different prerequisites are threaded into subsequent courses. That separation occurs in regards to psychology courses.

    The medical model simply embraces the sciences as a basis for care and the nursing model embraces psychosocial issues as a foundation. Nursing is darn proud of that fact, it makes it holistic.

    Everything can't be nursing foundation, as PAs don't claim to be psychosocial as well as medicaly based.

    I hope that clears it up. It does help to have a quote to talk about. Thanks