For all you LAST semester students...

  1. Hey guys.....all right....who is starting their very last semester this Spring?? I am so thrilled about graduating in May. I just wanted to know everyone's opinion of their programs and if they feel prepared for the NCLEX and getting a job and what not. Also, if you have any motivating advice for keeping on track at the VERY END!!! Thanks!
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  3. by   NurseAngie
    Hi Tattoochick,
    Certainly NOT my last semester, but I wanted to wish you well and here's hoping it's your BEST semester yet!
    Take Care~Angie
  4. by   BrandyBSN
    This is my very last semester! It has been a hellish 4 years, but in 4 months its over!! (atleast until grad school )

    my tips for staying on track are....

    1) in 4 months, school will be over. we have come WAY too far to give up now

    2) I have already sent it my state license application, fee, and NCLEX pre-payment... if I dont keep on track, i will loss all that money

    3) I'm close to making it into the national nursing honor society... im SOO close, that i need a really good semester to get the points to get it.

    4) We are in the process of buying a house, and we absolutely need my income to pay in May

    5) I have already accepted a job position, so if I dont keep on track, i will have to work med-surg (icky) for a year before my do my speciality track (GPA is high enough right now that I can go directly to speciality, but if I really slack off, i will have to do work in med-surg per company "new-grad policy"

    That is reason enough for me

  5. by   trishfish
    I graduate in 124 days, but who is counting!!!!!!

  6. by   WalMart_ADN
    i'm so excited. I'm so scared. i'm so confused. i'm so happy.
    i've worked my butt off for so long! now i am almost done. am i ready to be done? deep down, i have the absolute highest confidence in my nursing skills, and my NCLEX prep. but on the outside...holy cow, i am doubting everything. i'm 19 years old, am I ready for this? i know i am. i just need some reassurance. i still live at home with my parents, how crazy is that? i'm probably the only one on this bulletin board that does. this upcoming semester is going to be full of a lot of lasts for me, a lot of change coming up. My last semester of school, i've been in school non-stop all my life, i don't know what it's like NOT to be in school, i've lived at home all my life, i'm leaving this summer, aaaarghh!! i'm so excited about being over, and finally making my dream into a reality, but i don't know if i'm ready for it. Of course i am ready for it, deep down i know all this stuff. Forgive the rambling, for some reason this post just totally brought out all these thoughts in me...
    as for staying on track....let me tell you. It's not easy. At least not for me. Nursing is a program like no other. I had to sit back and watch all of my friends go out and party all the time, slack off, and that had no impact on their grades/classes. I was taking an 8 hour a day-5 day a week schedule, and it's so hard to sit there and study when you know you could be doing something else. but trust me, it can be done, you will do it, and it will be SO WORTH IT. just keep telling yourself that...and best of luck to all of you. sorry (again) for the rambling!!!
  7. by   tattoochick
    Wal-Mart ADN:


    I just have expensive taste and can't afford a nice enough "crib" yet. My school is too expensive!!!
  8. by   WalMart_ADN
    THANK GOD! I thought it was just me!
    I tell ya, i've been having nightmares about getting mandated to work overtime or a double...but that's not the nightmare....the nightmare is having to call my mom and ask if it's okay!lol. and yeah, i hear ya...WalMart is not exactly grounds for financing my dream home...and the paycheck seems to go right to the university bookstore!!!!
  9. by   NurzofFaith
    Almost 4 years ago I anxiously started back to school. I had several goals in mind..Complete a nursing degree, become a RN, maintain my sanity, carefully balance college with my supportive husband and 3 wonderfully understanding children in tow. I counted each semester I am facing 14 weeks..and it will finally be over...but in a way it is just beginning! I am so excited for myself and my family!! I couldnt of done it without in May we all win!!

    I feel the nursing program I chose is adequate and has prepared me to tackle the NCLEX. I do wish they would of done a few things differently..but those improvements will benefit the classes after me. I am currently job shopping..LOL I have toured 4 facilities, and am going to shadow a nurse in a couple months. I am taking it slow and asking a lot of questions. I dont want to start a job that I will be quitting d/t unhappiness within 6 months!! This has been the case with 3 of my friends who graduated last year. I do have it narrowed down to 2 hospitals and will go from there

    My tips for the semester would be: Dont lose sight of the what it takes to get there!

    Take time for yourself. Stay calm. Look at nursing school as a stepping out where and what you want and go for it!!

    Best of luck to you all!!

    May 10th...Here I come!!!
  10. by   Michelle_nurse
    Don't worry, Walmart ADN, I worked at Sears to pay for my textbooks, rent and the whole bit. Sears till I was 22!!!!! Then I got a real job, and so will you!!!! sssssoooooon!!!
  11. by   zacarias
    Originally posted by BrandyBSN
    (GPA is high enough right now that I can go directly to speciality, but if I really slack off, i will have to do work in med-surg per company "new-grad policy"


    I have a question about what you said above. A hospital lets you work right away in a specialty but makes you do med/surg if grades are not sufficient? I've never heard of that. I just heard that med/surg gives one experience that will make specialty job acquisition easier in time. Tell me more.

  12. by   BrandyBSN
    The way it was explained to me was that it was a "graduate clinical ladder". As an incentive for new grads to strive for higher grades, they will let you come in on different "rungs" of the ladder. GPA counts, as well as degree type, and prior clinical experience in the "area" that you are most interested in. Everything adds "points" to where you are in the clinical ladders.

    Does that help?

  13. by   mcg02
    I too graduate 5/3/02 @ 2pm to be exact. I am all excited, scared, nervous, happy, glad, sad and all the above. This has been at trying time for me, here in nursing school but I am almost there. I see it as they would not have accpeted me if they did not think I could pull through.