First test in nursing school and I'm bummed

  1. Hello,

    Today, we had our first test in nursing school. It was in Assessment. I studied my butt off for this test last week. I stressed myself out so bad, I ended up with a 77.8%. It's not great, but it's passing. I'm so disappointed in myself because I missed questions I knew that I knew the answer to, but decided to overthink them and read too much into them. I'm not happy about this test grade, but consider myself lucky because some people did not pass. I guess I just let myself down because I was so anxious and scared. I ended up making wrong answer selections to questions I knew the correct answer to simply because I read too much into the question itself. Now that I know what to expect from here on out, I'm hoping to still aim for an A- or even a B+. I don't want to be barely passing at 75%.

    Has anyone else felt this way? Please help!
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  3. by   locolorenzo22
    Oh yeah, 1st major test with one instructor only...72%...passing is 80. However, she says EVERYONE fails this one, its when you start failing everything else that you have we'll see what the next 2-3 look like before I really start worrying, it's not the first tests it's the last ones that bring you around.
  4. by   SteveNNP
    I found that it sometimes took one or two tests to figure out the instructor's testing style and question format. I also read into the questions too much as a student, and had to tell myself to focus on what the question was simply looking for.

  5. by   DaveSVN
    I try to keep all my tests at least 85% or better, 80% is passing, if I ever got any lower I'd freak out.
  6. by   kimber1985
    I use to get freaked out about my grade and kill myself studying.
    I have never failed a test and I probably never will. It took me over a year of nursing school to get over it.

    My Process II class, nobody made a B. I am over it and the college I chose. I study, I learn, I pass. Nobody is looking at my GPA when I have RN next to my name. I am much happier. I still generally make B's but if I make a C, oh well. I try to do well so I have cushion. After 1 year, I try to have more balance and more sanity. I always backward study what I missed on the test so I don't know less than anyone else. Do the best you can and pass and don't beat yourself up.
  7. by   SoulShine75
    What's the old saying in nursing school? Don't strive for the grade, strive to pass? C=RN too. I stopped striving for any grade other than passing long ago. Look at the bright passed your 1st nursing test! I think the first one is always difficult because you're not quite sure what to expect. Now you know. Get an NCLEX book and practice the questions and look at the rationales. This will help you understand the questions and pick the right answers. Good luck to you and congratulations!
  8. by   81ke83
    I failed my first test the first semester. It taught me a valuable lesson, slow down and read the question, know what they are asking for. I finished with an 87. The first test with any instructor is stressful, you don't know the type of questions they are going to ask. Stick with it.
  9. by   cherokeesummer
    Be happy! I know its hard but trust me nursing school is a different experience than other schools. I've been in CC and Univ and now a diploma program. (got a degree in a different field first LOL).

    Anyway, in my school failing is anything under 79.5. That stinks but its how it is.
  10. by   november17
    Last semester I had this one particular exam I studied my butt off for. I lived, breathed, and ate the materials for this exam. I literally studied for 8 hours a day for three days straight leading up to the exam. I failed it, I got a 65%. I personally attribute my low score to lack of sleep/stress/and some other factors which led me to picking wrong answers. But guess what? In the end, after all was said and done I still passed the class!

    Don't get disheartened, and never give up! I'm in my last semester and I've seen a lot of people having a hard time and just give up rather than step up their game. Don't be that person.