First stethoscope?

  1. is it to much if i get a littman cardiology 3 for my first stethoscope? or should i just get the classic 2? thanks everyone !:chuckle
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  3. by   z's playa
    I spoke to many of my instrutors and they've told me to get a cheap stethescope since I will probably lose it as they've gone though about 5 stethescopes each. I personally wouldnt get the expensive one if you must have a Littman.
  4. by   kddex
    Quote from Mika8
    is it to much if i get a littman cardiology 3 for my first stethoscope? or should i just get the classic 2? thanks everyone !:chuckle

    I bought the littman classic 2 and I think it works great. I have always heard of the littman ones being good and if you notice everyone in the hospital and dr. offices pretty much have the littman brand also. If you get a cheap one then it might be hard to hear the things you are not used to hearing. I have also heard the double tube ones aren't great because the tubes could rub together and interfer with what you are listening for. Hope that helps you some. I would buy a littman though.
  5. by   Catys_With_Me
    I vote for get a good one and don't lose it! When you're a student and trying to learn all these new sounds, you NEED to be able to actually hear them clearly! I had a cheap scope for CNA class and thought I was completely inept, then I got a littman cardiology III for nursing school and realized it was my cheap stethoscope and not me that was the problem! I have my name engraved on it and just like my PDA that I cart around with me at clinical, I make sure they don't leave my person...
  6. by   RainDreamer
    I have the Littmann Classic II and love it, works just great. I started out with a cheap $15 one and I could hardly hear anything with it, I thought I didn't know how to take blood pressures for a while, but it was just because I couldn't hear with my dang stethoscope, so I got the Littmann Classic II and I've been happy with it.

    The Classic II isn't terribly cheap, I paid about $70 for mine I think. But you'll pay about $100 more for the Cardio 3.

    So my vote is to save some money and get the Classic II to start with.
  7. by   LPN_mn
    I would say buy the best stethescope for you. If you have the money to buy the more expensive better stethescope then go for it. Just keep it on your person at all times and DO NOT loan it out to anyone. You will not be sorry.
  8. by   nikonos
    Shop around, I'm now using a $40 Adscope that I can hear better out of than any Littman I have tried. It all depends on the specifics of your own hearing.
  9. by   Cherish
    Personally I would buy the Littman Classi II, I have had one for a year and it comes with a GUARANTEED 3 year warrantee. I've heard personally out of the Cardio and it is great but really the Classic II is the same. If you buy the Cardio at a store its an outrageous price compared to the Classic II. So if you have the money and want to buy the Cardio then buy it at EBAY. Nowhere else because you will be paying 200+ for it at a store. If you try the Classic II and its really good for you then get it. You can always take it back, as long as you steralize it. Littman Classics are what MOST nurses use. Once you buy a 3M stethoscope you will NEVER go back to anything ELSE!
  10. by   KrisRNwannabe
    I bought a Littman master cardiology for school. I have a slight hearing deficit from my previous job. i hear wonderfully with this scope. I don't share it with anyone. i have a clip for it on my hip that way i am not taking it off from around my neck when it is in my way. i spent the money and had them put my name on it and then took it to a store and had the head engraved.
  11. by   Mission
    I got my littman 3 on ebay for $60 and it works great. You can also get good stethescopes for free from pharm reps.
  12. by   sunshines66
    I would try using a variety of different ones (borrowing) to find out which works the best for you. I personally have a Littman Master Cardiology one. I have my name or initials engraved in every flat surface to make sure there are no "mistakes" on ownership. It is more expensive but to me worth it. If you can not find some one to borrow one from, go to a shop that has several brands to try out. The problem with a cheaper stethescope is it is not insulated from sounds like a pt gown rubbing the tubing. Listen through the scope while your hand touches the tubing and see what you hear... It depends on the area you work too. Mine is very good at hearing the difference in heart tones. I work in Cardiolgy though.