First job interview!

  1. I have my first interview on Wed. The lady in HR said to bring a copy of my transcript and a list of any questions that I may have. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions? I am a little nervous (probably be more nervous by Wed!). I'm going to wear a skirt & blouse. Do you think that is appropriate? Any suggestions are appreciated!
    Thanks, Lisa
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  3. by   CountrifiedRN
    I haven't had my first interview yet, but I know I will be nervous when the time comes!

    Some of the questions that were suggested to our class are:

    What type of orientation/preceptorship program does the facility have, and how long is it?

    How often are evaluations/feedback given and who does them?

    What is the nurse/patient ratio on each shift?

    Are continuing education inservices offered by the facility?

    Those are just some that I remember, hope that helps!
  4. by   nrselisa
    Thank you! Those are great questions!

  5. by   peaceful2100
    Try to relax. I know it is hard but I had my first interview and it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

    Questions I asked were: How long is your orientation?

    What does the hospital expect from new graduates?

    What are the nurse-patient ratio?

    Will I start out on days if I am looking for a night position?

    Does the hospital offer any kind of tuition remburisment programs if I want to further my education?

    What are the turnover rates and what is currently being done to keep staff?

    Try to look find the mission/philosophy statement of the hospital. I was able to spit that right out to the HR recruiter and asked her is that something the hospital will continue to expand on or do they plan on changing that. She was really impressed that I knew the mission/philosophy statement and that I asked something like that. Generally if the hospital has a website you can find it on the hospital website or you can ask around.

    I don't know how popular this question is but I asked this question because it is VERY important to me. I asked about their parking and how secure their employee parking area is especially if I am going to be working nights. I want to be at a hospital where the employee parking area is safe, well-lighted and security is around. I don't want to be at a place where the employee parking area is not secure. I think it is important to know that before you accept a job any where. That is just my opinion of course.

    Remember you are NOT expected to know the answer or have a solution to everything they asked. They expect you to have common knowledge and understand that if you don't know the answer then you give them a answer besides I don't know. Some things I said, I am not sure but I would look around and ask around for help until I do know the answer and learn from it. That really helped in my case. Of course I can only speak from my experiences.

    They don't expect you to ask a dozen questions but they do want you to ask a couple of questions at LEAST. They don't want you to say I don't have any questions if you are asked. They begin to wonder if you are really interested if you don't ask anything.

    If they don't let you know when they will contact you back ask them upfront when can you expect to hear more about further interviews with a nurse manager.

    I believe a skirt and a blouse is appropriate remember keep it conservative. I am sure you already know that though. Also remember to give a firm handshake. For many people a firm handshake is a sign of confidence as opposed to a weak handshake. You don't want to appear overly confident but you want to demonstrate that you do have confidence.

    Good luck and you will do great.
  6. by   nrselisa
    Thank you peaceful, that was great advice!
  7. by   Little One2
    Hi snlisa,

    I will also be having an interview next week. Its actually on Monday.

    Here are a couple of suggestions:

    I'm sure you already know.

    1. maintain eye contact
    2. be confident
    3.ask any questions you may have - regarding parking, patient/nurse ratio, security, inservices, furthering education.
    4.they may ask you questions about drugs, what would you do in an emergency situation (code blue), ask about your strengths, why you want to work there, what can you offer,

    Dressing up is a good idea - but not too dressy.

    I can't think of anything else. I'm sure you will do fine. Good luck!
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    some great advice above, lisa! best wishes!