First day of class in 9 Hours!! - page 2

My stomach is in knotts! It is a mix of excitement, fear, and anticipation. Wish me luck! (first day in the nursing program)... Read More

  1. by   NeosynephRN
    WOW!! Sounds like you had a crazy busy day!!!! I am glad that you are getting into the swing...I cannot imagine having to wear my uniform to class and clinicals!! BLAH!!! Good Luck on your test!!!
  2. by   JBirdAngel
    glad its going well for you
  3. by   Thedreamer

    Aced my first test today It was on pain, sleep, hot and cold application.

    Tommarrows test is on The nursing process, critial thinking and documentation o_O. Sleepless night #2. Loving nursing school #2
  4. by   luvnursing-2
    Not to worry you will be fine... I am going into my last semester before I graduate in May and it starts next week and I still get myself in knots over it. Good luck to you...
  5. by   Cherish
    Congrats on the A...just keep it'll do fine...remember every hurdle JUMP don't fall.
  6. by   may8755
    I am starting my first semester of nursing school in 5 days. I am not really nervous about it, just super excited. Tell me this though: how bad is Pathophysiology? Is it as scary and crazy hard as the name makes it sound?

    Also, in which semester do you have to start doing care plans? And when do you get to give needles and start IVs?
  7. by   LilNurse2b143
    Don't worry you'll do fine!

    Just think, the very first day of Nursing school is pretty much just general orientation and getting a syllabus/handbook. We were told our first day we will get a cool bag full of nursing supplies! From there I plan to meet with different people who will become like second family considering the hours we'd be spending together! I start the 22nd! Everyone needs to update to see how well we are all adjusting!

  8. by   Thedreamer
    Well i start as term 2 cause i tested outta term one o_O

    So I didnt get the shiny orientation everyone else got lol. I got the trial by fire. The 2nd term students went in knowing exactly what we were going to cover and even had 2 weeks to study for the TEST the 2nd day of class. Trial by fire hehe.

    We are starting Patient care plans this term. We are going over it this week actually. We also learned about "Soap notes" and such, which I already know from being an EMT. So neato hehe.

    We are starting the math now for the pills n conversions and such..