First day of clinicals tomorrow!!!! Advise please!

  1. Hi, it's my first day of clinicals tomorrow. We are going to be placed at MedSurg. My clinical instructor said that she wants us to see running all day tomorrow, what does she meant? Anyways, any advise for those who had their first clinicals already and for those experts out there...I am not sure what to expect... thank you..hope to hear from you guys soon..take care
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  3. by   KellieNurse06
    Oh you'll be busy, trust me! I couldn't believe when I first started how darn busy I was even with only one patient to care'll get faster as you get used to it......
    Make it a point when you have free time to ask the other people in your group if any need help with anything.....
    I personally have to be busy constantly or I feel like the day is dragging it flies by if you are busy.
    And always before you do anything go look at the patient themself.....look at whats hanging for iv's, feeding (if any), rates etc...........then double check the patients orders to make sure that's what's supposed to be going.....and above all ask the patient how they are feeling..........and tell them everything you are doing...even if it seems like they are out of it & have no idea.......especially to the patients you may have that can't communicate to you........lots of people just don't give it a thought & start poking prodding without so much as a hello.............
    Remember those things and you will be fine! Good Luck!!!! It's always nerve wracking until you get over that 1st day................
  4. by   Leng27RN,BSN
    Thanks you so much for your advise, This is my first time registering here at and I am beginning to love it, everyone seems to be very helpful and I am very excited to be part of these forums, I am learning a lot, knowing that it's my second semester as a RN student...thanks again..take care..Anyways, I still cannot sleep i have to wake up at 5:00 am tomorrow. i am going to bed at 10 pm and bet you i'll be asleep maybe around 12 am, i'll just roll around my bed for 2 hours thinking what is in store for me tomorrow!...KellieNurse06, thanks for the heads up...
  5. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Well, you may be asleep by now but do post here again tomorrow and tell us how it went for you! Its actually pretty easy to keep really busy on almost any hospital unit, and it also helps the day to go quickly. Being a brand new student, you can always ask a nurse (if your patient is sleeping and your instructor says its OK) if you can help make a bed or help get linens, straighten a patient's bed, etc. I really loved my first quarter clinicals, but I never slept well the night before. Funny, but all the way until I got to Critical Care, I never was able to sleep the night before clinicals. Its the sense of the unknown the following day. But isn't that the joy of life? Its what keeps the blood pumping, the senses heightened, and the feeling that we aren't stagnating in life. Warmest regards- I hope you really have a good experience tomorrow!
  6. by   Leng27RN,BSN
    Sorry, I accidentally placed an "S" on the word "thank"..
  7. by   KellieNurse06
    No problem! You'll be fine! Oh ya...also give your instructor periodic updates on your patient...and throw in " I just wanted you to be aware".....because they appreciate that alot......ok try to get sleep! You'll be fine!!! Good luck & have a great 1st day!!
  8. by   Daytonite
    Hi, Rev327!

    Sounds like your instructor said something I would say. Just means she doesn't want to see anyone sitting around doing nothing or taking a long break, that's all. Anyway, you guys are there to learn. There's plenty to nose around to see and do. So, how did your day go?

    Welcome to allnurses!
  9. by   c_loveya
    Hey there,

    I also had my first day of clinical today. My skills are pretty rusty as I haven't had much practice this summer but I'm hoping they'll come to me as I go along. I'm on a General Medicine floor so it's constantly busy so I'm sure I'll get to see and experience lots!!

    I even had trouble getting a patient's b/p today. :uhoh21: I'm hoping things will be better tomorrow and I'll be less nervous!

    I hope your clinical day went well and don't worry because we're all in the same boat as students.

    Love - C
  10. by   Leng27RN,BSN
    Hi, just had my first day of clinicals done, you guys are all right, there are more things to learn in that one day. I get to experience a lot and met a lot of patients, and did stuff that we have not done in skills yet. Now I am all worry about doing the care plan...I am looking at some forums that have care plan questions and try to pick up some advise there. Anyways, thank you all for your great advise..take care....
  11. by   Daytonite
    Quote from rev327
    . . .now i am all worry about doing the care plan...i am looking at some forums that have care plan questions and try to pick up some advise there. anyways, thank you all for your great advise..take care....
    please check out this thread on the nursing student assistant forum. i watch it all the time for new posts. - desperately need help with careplans (in nursing student assistance forum)

    i also check these two forums daily for anyone asking for help with nursing care plans or nursing diagnosis help: - nursing student assistance forums - the general nursing student discussion forum

    i often do a search of all the forums for keywords that might turn up a wayward student who posts to other forums looking for nanda or careplan help. don't hesitate to post questions. i have been keeping a file of careplan subjects that i have been helping people with as well. surprisingly, no duplicate questions yet!

    do you have a careplan book, or one that it organized by nursing diagnosis rather than medical diseases?
  12. by   locolorenzo22
    I even had trouble getting a patient's b/p today. :uhoh21: I'm hoping things will be better tomorrow and I'll be less nervous!

    Really? Today we had our clinical compentencies, and they won't let us go to clinical until we can demonstrate temps, pulses, respir., B/Ps, and transfers in lab on each other! (I passed, but not the way I would have liked...see other posts for details...)
  13. by   Leng27RN,BSN
    Regarding the care plan blook, my teacher for process took out one book that is about care plans i do not know why. I do not have other care plan books for clinicals or my other classes. I am not sure how to pick the right care plan book , i've been looking around this forum, can you help me if its okay..thanks...