first day in clinicals

  1. Hi guys,

    so yesterday was my first day in the hospital and i have ambivalent feelings about it.

    First, i was assigned a patient who had breast surgery. I was amazed that she had high spirits and we had a great time talking about various topics after my assessment. She showed me her surgery and i didnt mind looking at it, puss, blood and all...

    Then, at the opposite bed i saw this elderly patient with the nurse giving her a bed pan to defecate. It grossed me out seeing it. Forgive me, but i dont know if you guys felt the same way the first time. Is this a normal feeling? How long did you adjust from this "weird" feeling?

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  3. by   shay
    You get used to it, trust me. Some things will always gross you out, but the major stuff....poop, puke, etc., will just be one of those things you develop an abnormally high tolerance for.... One day you'll be one of those nurses your family hates because you can discuss (in detail) the unusual contents of a pt's emesis basin in the middle of dinner. :chuckle
  4. by   GPatty
    It does all come together. My aversion is mucous. I can wade knee deep in poop, vomit and all sorts of other disgusting things, but mucous....oh my!:imbar
    You'll be ok...
  5. by   Josefin
    Brrrrr... I just cant stand poop or mucous... And the smell from eldery mens urine... URK
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    My weakness is mucous, sputum, and expectoration intentionally without being asked for a sputum for a culture. Lots Of Love The rest don't bother me, however, I don't love it either!


  7. by   BrandyBSN
    Mucous is my big thing too. Not so much seeing it, but "hearing" it. Makes my stomach a little queasy!

    BTW, LPN future RN, nice websites! You gave me an idea for another thread

  8. by   Mito
    Mine is Ramshorn nails with all the stuff that needs to cleaned out and then cutting them, Yuk!!!

  9. by   clintn91180
    I think baths scare me more than anything. I am a guy so if I bathe a woman I can already here law suit, and if bathe a guy he starts to get hard, I think I would have to run screaming. I'm not a big fan of puke either, but I believe I can at least handle that