finding a student nurse job

  1. Hello to everyone
    Come this summer I will be done with my first year in a ASN program. I was wondering how I could find information about any internships or jobs that I might qualify for. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Kimberly Rush-SN

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  3. by   LouisianaNurse2006
    Call the personnel department or nurse recruiter of every hospital in your area and ask if they have a student nurse hiring program.......if they do, put your application in.
    Good Luck, Let us know what you find out.

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    I am soooo STUPID!
    I did not realize the date on the original post until I replied!:imbar
    Oh well, does anyone know how to delete a post????
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    ur just trying to be helpful!!
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    THANKS! I really was trying to be helpful, just passing time surfing the threads while I obsessed over starting in the nursing program next week.
    I would still like to delete it....... I mean everyone that reads this thread and realizes what I did, will think ...."okay, and this idiot wants to be a nurse!??! yea, right."
    I just couldn't figure out how to delete it.
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    [font=Franklin Gothic Medium]1998...... FUNNY!
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    oh well, guess we just have to let it rest...

    good luck in d nursing program..
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    Hmmm...ya think she's still looking for a student nurse job?

    Actually, there's something screwy about that OP. It says the person registered at this site in 1969. Also, it says the post was made back in 1998, but according to Internic, wasn't even in existence until March, 1999. So it's obviously something messed up in the system. Don't feel bad, you didn't REALLY bump up a 6-year-old thread. :roll
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  9. by   LPNtobe
    Well I think it is still good advice for us who are Nursing Students now. I think I will try that tomorrow. I really need a job after buying my books today.