1. ugh so tomorrow i have my final for my 1st year in nursing school and i am super nervous about it med hard! and it was a 16 week session ugh so much information to know and im just so nervous about it idk i know you guys all made it and idk i guess i needed alittle pick me uper ya know lol so nice comments and thing that will help me calm down for the test is appreshated thanks again
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  3. by   lisa861971
    I know how u feel, I too am in my first yr off nursing school I have ny final 4/28 I'm so nervous I find med-surgi difficult. My school requires a 77 average to pass nursing...Im sick to my stomach, let me know how u do, good luck!!! :spin:
  4. by   libnat
    Doing pre-req finals myself.

    I haven't slept for 3 days so nervous and studying for a chemistry final. It is finally over though and I think I pass.

    So 3 As this semester and 1 B/C depending on how that test turned out.
  5. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    Good luck with finals everybody.
    I have two exams plus ATI....May 8th is my last day and then I will officially be a junior nursing student!
  6. by   goodstudentnowRN
    hmm...Senior nursing student here! I have two more courses to go then I will be done with nursing school. I have mental health which will last for ten weeks and Cardiopulmonary which will last for ten weeks. I cannot wait to finish, my life has fallen apart.
  7. by   Lin88
    I have a neurology exam on Monday, an ATI on Wednesday and a GU/STD on Friday of next week and the final on Monday.(our first lecture on GU/STD is immediately following the neuro exam) Oh I forgot our dosage calc test on Wednesday right before the ATI. 5 class days and 5 tests of some type.
  8. by   cursedandblessed
    wow you got 16 weeks for med-surg?? ours was 8. test wed, and final the following monday.
  9. by   Couture85
    I have my pharmacology (medical calculations) final on the 2nd and my fundamentals of nursing exam on the 5th! Good luck everyone!!!