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HI I am just starting a RN diploma program. I am 42 and work at a LTC on the weekends as an aide. In my class is a 28 yr old woman that is a nanny, she does not like it when experienced students... Read More

  1. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from Jules A
    No flame of course but just a heads up. I wouldn't discount the "know it alls." The ones with CNA/GNA experience may be a valuable asset to you in practice lab and when clinical starts. The pointers they shared helped me stream line my activities in a huge way. They helped me learn practical transfer techniques and get my bed bath time down to under two hours, lol. Don't forget, classroom lab instruction only covers so much. There is a ton of hands on experience that you don't have and they do. The good news is that by the end of the second semester the learning curve should be even. Good luck.
    No flame taken....thanks!

    But just to clarify, my own lab partner is a very young gal who's a CNA in a LTC facility...she has been a wealth of help and knowledge when we're working/practicing together....I really appreciate her self-assurance and HOPE I do get partnered with her when we start clinicals in a week....but she's quiet in class and lets the instructors do their thing while they're trying to do their jobs and the rest of us are grappling to "get" the knowledge they're trying to impart.....

    My issue is with people piping up with "my aunt had this happen to her" and "in my facility we do/did this"....yes, it could be helpful learning information, but sometimes it's just interruptive...and it seems to be the same 2 or 3 over and over and over....

    I guess my point just is, there are times when someone with real-world experience can be very helpful, but there are people who feel the need often and without consideration, to let the rest of us know how much they know (or maybe making sure our instructors know)....just something to think about...I'm not saying it necessarily is what's going on here!!
  2. by   ALT
    Well I will give you my 2 pennies on this.

    We have one in our class too. Honestly don't sweat it. They will either get their attitude in check or their attitude will get them booted out the door. Don't let her bother you at all. Ignore her the beat you can and keep asking your questions. It'll only hurt you if you don't ask the things you are not sure about.

    I have a girl in my class that out of 6 classes she has been an hour late for 4 of them. I swear to God she wears 2 inch heels to class everyday too. Wed. we had to wear shorts and a tank top so we could simulate bed baths and there she was in her stilettos. I am a little worried to see what she is going to dress like for clinicals. Although if she continues to be late she will be gone before we get that far.