Feeling Guilty - page 2

I have sooooo enjoyed my break from school!!! But, now I am feeling guilty that I haven't done any studying at all.:innerconf Please let me know there are others like me who are not doing anything... Read More

  1. by   cherokeesummer
    hehehehe, welllll...I didnt' do anything for the first week or so but this week I've printed all my stuff from online that I need, then I need to organize it.

    I did study some of my nclex prep book last week b/c I was BORED!!!!

    Been spending lots and lots of time with my munchkin though (my 14 month old son!)

    I return on the 8th I think...LOL and its my last semester which doesn't have any patho so I need to really focus on patho before it starts so I can keep my brain refreshed!
  2. by   locolorenzo22
    Aside from buying my books from other burnt out students...I haven't done jack. Been busy with holidays, staying sane, watching a bunch of movies, watching TV, even finding time to write. I don't plan on doing a thing until the first day of class on the 9th, because that first day will be a snoozefest aside from looking around to see who didn't make it through...
  3. by   PeachyERNurse
    LOL! I haven't studied AT ALL! I just bought my books Friday (School starts tomorrow). I just couldn't bring myself to look at another Nursing textbook these past three weeks.
  4. by   allthingsbright
    I didn't really have a choice as we were given reading and dosage calculations to learn over the break-UGH!

    I have been sick for two weeks so I haven't done much but lay on the couch so now I am getting worried. I'll hit the books this week in prep for school starting the 17th!

    Have a good semester!
  5. by   carolinapooh
    I went to a post-New Year's party/Tarot card party (all in fun, ladies and gents - if you had seen us LOOKING UP what each card meant you'd know exactly what I mean!) and THREE PEOPLE out of six talked about the reading assignments they'd already done. PLEASE. I didn't even buy books until last week so I could deduct them on this year's taxes instead of last year's.

    I found it amusing - and a bit twisted - that all the instructors told us to enjoy our break, to not think about school and not pick up a book - and then one of them sent TWO PAGES of "suggested" assignments about five days into vacation. Insane.

    UPS just delivered half my books; I'll read over the first chapters tomorrow. School starts Wednesday. I've still got PLENTY of time!

    Breaks are too short to read for school. I'm in an ABSN program and this is essentially the last break I get until I graduate this December. We get one week in March, ten days in May, and ten or so days in August - not much to get excited about.

    Books will be there this weekend. You're fine.