feeling frustrated!

  1. Hi, I am new here, been lurking for a long time though!

    Anyway, I currently live in Colorado and started taking my pre-req's fall of '02, it took me along time to get back to school...

    I am 36, have a 3 yr. old, 2 dogs and a very supportive husband, so that is not the problem.

    I was going to school part-time plugging away at my pre reqs, the first year I got 5 out of the way. I was really pumped, as I have had many many jobs and careers in my time and this was a huge accomplishment for me.

    Well, last August, after signing up for the fall semester, my husband found out his job was transferring us to Austin Tx.

    We don't know exactly when the move will be, have to sell our house, find a house etc. So many unknowns, this was a shock!

    Well, I decided to drop all my fall classes incase we moved mid-semester, I didn't want to have to withdrawl from a class.

    It is now almost March, we are still trying to sell the house, we have a house being built in Austin so that is not an issue.
    But, I have now wasted a whole year of school!
    I would love to restart in austin by fall, but I won't be a resident!
    Do I bite the bullet and pay the high out of state fees for a year to get back in school or do I just wait another year for residency?
    I want to go back before I loose my drive...it took along time to get started the last time!
    I am feeling so frustrated right now!
    I don't even know what classes will be the same in Austin? I don't even know where the school is! I feel like all these unknowns are getting the best of me!
    Anyone ever go through this? Ever have to uproot your life in the middle of school?
    Thanks for listening..
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  3. by   kchop
    Welcome to Austin! If you haven't visited much yet, it's a fantastic town....

    Take what you'll save on state income tax and keep going to school. I know how much mometum means to me. Besides, an extra year working as nurse more than makes up for it.

    I haven't even taken prereqs yet, but I think there is a pretty good waiting list for ACC Nursing, and I will probably have to leave Austin to get in the earliest program I can find (mometum). You can also get a BSN or alternate-entry MSN at UT if you already have a another degree.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions about Austin. I've been here my whole life

  4. by   RedSox33RN
    Are there any pre-req's you can take online, from your current college? Or even from the state you are in now? I've taken quite a few, from English electives to Medical Terminology to an online Math class for Allied Health. Maybe there are some you can take also that will transfer to your new school.

    Good luck!
  5. by   MryRose
    Bite the bullet and pay the extra fee..... get yourself back in the swing and at the same time, you will meet new people in your new area!

  6. by   Katnip
    We moved just before I was going to enter the nursing program. I ended up having to take some prereqs again that didn't transfer. Here, we only had to be a resident for 3 months before getting in-state tuition.

    Still, my husband pitched a fit and the company paid the differences. It might not be too late to negotiate something like that for you.
  7. by   jusjan67
    thanks everyone!
    I appreciate all the comments...I am nervous about moving since I know nothing about Tx... I hear alot of wonderful things about Austin, we have been there for 2 very short trips to look at houses...not much site seeing..
    We were transferred here (Co.) from N. Cal and I am origanally from Iowa and have survived it all so far...I just sometimes need a good kick in the a**!
  8. by   angelac1978
    you may not have to pay the out of state fees, if you have moved before school starts. I was in a similar situation, moving from KY to TN. We have been in TN for 2 months now and the school I am going to be going to in the fall already considers me a state resident. You should check out the resideny requirements at your school. They may not require that you live in the state for a certain period of time. Good luck, I hope it works out. I know how frustrating it can be to lose a year.

  9. by   marilynmom
    I am in Oklahoma City but we drive down to Texas allll the time and have been to Austin a lot as well. I *love* Texas It is a great place to live with great people, you will love it there!!!

    If you can I would just bite the bullet and go to school down there....I just would not want to miss out on a whole year of school, take out a student loan if you need to. You working as a nurse will more than make up for it later on.

    You mentioned you wasteed a whole year of school.....will none of your classes transfer at all? That doesn't sound right to me, make sure you check that out.

  10. by   traumaRUs
    Jan - believe me as a military wife I feel for you. Took me a couple of years longer to keep repeating classes (we moved 4 times in three countries in 8 years once!). However, hang in there...it'll be worth it in the end.
  11. by   jusjan67
    Quote from marilynmom
    You mentioned you wasteed a whole year of school.....will none of your classes transfer at all? That doesn't sound right to me, make sure you check that out.

    I meant I wasted a whole year not taking any classes....I am sure a couple of the classes I took will transfer, at least math, english and psych.