Feeling burned out?

  1. I'm glad that this semester is almost over, and that I don't have any summer classes. In the last week, I have started feeling really tired and burned out. I love clinicals, look forward to them every week, but last week between the dying end-stage cancer patient, the LOL from the nursing home whose mouth was nearly sealed shut from gunk and no oral care, and the pt who thought she was on a vacation (and I was her personal cabana girl), I started feeling a little weepy and over-extended. I'm not usually like this, my instructor politely describes me as "boisterous" and "a natural leader" (ok, bossy:chuckle ), but I'm feeling like all the fun and energy is being sucked out of me. Anyone else going through this?
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  3. by   CrystalClear75
    I can TOTALLY relate! I'm in nursing 101 and it requires SO much studying!!!
  4. by   RegisteredNurse06
    Yep, I'm feeling the same way!
  5. by   KatrinaPM
    Almost done...the light is right in front of you!!!

    Sometimes, even if you have a strong personality and a leader you get tired of being 'out there'. School requires a lot of energy. Don't discount that!
  6. by   grinnurse
    Me too!! I feel like I am going through one butt kickin after another :chuckle Ready here for a little down time and not the type that you get in NS either-the real thing when you don't have to anything except what you want to do........can read something other a 2500 page, 30# book!!! I keep telling myself just a little bit longer and I will be there but it seems like it will take forever for the end to get here!!

    Guess we gotta just "keep swimmin" (Finding Nemo)!!

    Good luck and hang in there-EVENTUALLY we will get there!!
  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    "personal cabana girl" :chuckle (thanks for the early morning giggle!)

    Hope the rest of the semester flies by for you!
  8. by   moonbunnie
    I feel the same way...I only have 5 more weeks of class, then finals, then a whole lovely summer with no classes. I plan to work full time, but that seems like a breeze compared to working part time along with going to school full time. But, I have so much left in this last month that I am starting to feel like its never going to end...3 papers due within 1 week, 3 more major tests, some little quizzes and computerized tests, and then finals. Ahh!
  9. by   MrsCannibal
    Thanks for the replies...it helped me to rant a little and get your feedback. I'm excited about being a nurse, for the most part I am enjoying the 'getting there' part, but COME ON SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!!!!!