FCCJ Fall 09 RN - page 10

Hello all! Hopefully all of you out there accepted to the Fall 2009 RN program at FCCJ will join me on this thread so we can help each other out. I went today to get my pants and found some of the... Read More

  1. by   Stephanie09
    The classes aren't posted on blackboard yet. The information to study for our first test can be found through the nursing tutor function (which is set up by you through blackboard). You should have an email from the nursing tutor (we can't post names on here) and she details what we need to study and when the test is.
  2. by   hgerun5
    thanks I found it and omg we have a lot to do...better start studying tomorrow!!!
  3. by   alexjpaul
    Is there anyone who lives on the southside of Jacksonville that would be willing to carpool at least on Monday test day. Let me know.
  4. by   hgerun5
    alex i will carpool with you....i live offa beach blvd
  5. by   alexjpaul
    Sounds good. Where on beach blvd do you live? I live a little more south almost julington. But we could figure something out even if it is just carpooling half way.
  6. by   hgerun5
    beach and hodges offa jtb
  7. by   JuneBugFL
    On the 31st we just have the med term test and part one of the dosage calc, right? When is part two of dosage calc?
  8. by   Cookie09
    I believe the second dosage calculation test is on September 21st. It says the date in one of the emails the nursing tutor sent us.
  9. by   JuneBugFL
    I feel like I'm missing something with the independent studies. I printed out 4 things.

    The first is 16 pages and says independent study 1. math for medications. The second is 6 pages and says dosage calculations topics 1 & 2. The third is just one page that has memorized facts on it. And the last is a 6 page document that says independent study medical terminology.

    Do you guys see anything missing?

  10. by   Cookie09
    That's exactly what I printed off as well. I don't think we are missing anything.
  11. by   moorbh1
    That is everything, remember the study guides are supplements to the text books.
  12. by   JuneBugFL
    Thanks guys!
  13. by   amberFCCJ
    those are what i printed off as well and i just read my dosage calc book and the independent study while floating in the neighbors pool lol and since its storming now i might as well read some medical terminology.. i think it will be hard for me because i've never taken it and dont have any medical experience