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Hi, I am a new nursing school student. I have given up a lot to get to school. I am older with a BS degree in biology. I have spent my first week in nursing school so stressed about clinical and... Read More

  1. by   wv_nurse 2003
    In looking back through this thread--the original question was whether or not you could just leave off the transcript from nursing school. I believe that legally you have to have all transcripts sent to any perspective college you want to attend. Read the fine print in any college catelog--best of luck to you!
  2. by   SirJohnny

    - My opinions are based on what I have learned in the computer science field - pursuing an MS-CompSci (in USA).

    - Colleges are there for one reason and one reason only!!! To make money. They are a business - never, ever, ever forget that.

    - This is the reason why you want to escalate your problems through the chain-of-command up to the administrator level. It is also the reason why negotiation of class requirements / pre-reqs is possible.

    - Getting back to the original posters question about her low QPA.

    [[ NOTE: I based what I wrote below on what I read in your original post ]]

    1. You need a serious break!!!! Take a break - get your life together - then have another go at it. Perhaps you can take a lighter course load. Go in and talk with the university folks. Explain your situation. If you don't get the answer you want - start working up the chain of command.

    2. Next. WIth regards to your QPA.

    - You have three choices:
    A. Drop out of this semester and your grades won't be on this reporting period.

    B. Take the classes over and see if they will be reported on your transcript. Perhaps you can get an incomplete in the class, and take them over.

    During an interview - if they ask about your 1st year experience - just say you got sick, and you worked out an arrangement with the school In reality, you did get sick (think about it).

    C. Just forget that you ever attended this particular school. Remember, they CANNOT release your records without YOUR consent.

    I flunked out of Penn State University in 1983. When I applied for grad school (MS-Comp Sci in 1997). I never mentioned my Penn State experience.

    The grad school (Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA) never questioned it. My grades at Penn State did not come up.

    As soon as I mentioned that I had the $850/credit ($2550/class) and would pay cash - they totally opened up to me. Company (Bethlehem-Steel - Info Tech Dept) was paying.

    When I got laid off from Bethlehem Steel, I was able to talk to the department chair about my situation. He turned out to be a hell of a nice guy, and he was able to get an internship with Osh-Kosh Children's Clothing, which paid for my school and gave me $$ for a living allowance.

    Later, this same gentleman, was also able to get me an assistantship by Lehigh Univ - where was I paid to design and later teach a 3rd year Computer Science Course (Java w/ Data Structures).


    You ask - what does this have to do with my situation?

    I reply - LOTS!!!!!!!!

    1. You are in a bad situation - mentally. You need stop what you are doing and recover.

    2. Don't worry about your grades - it's trivial at this point. Get your health together. You are a basket case (sorry!!), and need to get better.

    3. I mention the administrator thing - because you don't know where opportunity lies. Talk to the people at your school. They WILL help you. Approach them as an ADULT not some punk kid - and they will respond.

    They want/need your money. So that's their motivator.

    But just as important, they are human beings. You are past the weedout stage in life - they will recognize that and be responsive.


    I don't mean to sound harsh or pick on you.

    I went through the same stresses that you are going through - just in a different profession. Yes, I thought many times (when flunking out of Penn State) of standing in front of a train and getting it over with.

    Yes, I through my books out the window of the car.

    Yes, I wish someone would have been there to hold my hand. Seemed like the whole world was against me at the time.


    So, take a break. Things will be better tomorrow.

    Good luck.

    John Coxey
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  3. by   SirJohnny
    I see that the situation was not as bad as I saw / interpreted from your original post.


    Regarding keeping a personal jounal and making friends:

    - I doubt what's in the journal is as important as making the committment to keep it up to date everyday.

    - I think/hope this instructor's goal is to stress the importance of teamwork.

    - You mentioned that you are over 40 yrs old. That's great!!! Look at is an opportunity, not as a handicap.

    - The other students (especially if they are just out of high school), will automatically look to you as their support figure and leader.

    - Go in with a smile - talk to people. Once they realize you are not an old crab (you aren't are you? ), they will totally open up to you.

    - I had this happen during my master's degree - I was 32 or 33 at the time. Students (once they knew I was approachable) would open up and talk. Yes, sometimes these discussions would get deep and intense. They are experiencing the same mental roller-coaster you are.


    - Now you have something to put in your journal.


    - By the way, put this experience of posting to into your journal.

    - Class dismissed.

    John Coxey
  4. by   Agnus
    I would be happy to teach you to knit. I can crochet but don't. Knitting streatches and is more flexible, like nurses. And you can use those nifty needles to poke (oops) the nursing instructor accidently of course
  5. by   BBFRN
    You already have a degree, so you've already shown that you have the discipline and intellectual ability to do what it takes to make it through. I wouldn't worry if I were you. Most of the people that I saw flunk out, did so because of lack of discipline or major family problems.
  6. by   yjasz
    Hello Flo1216,

    What was the other school that you went to after Rutgers? I live in NJ and most likely will be kicked out of my nursing program this year. I got a 70% thus far and am waiting to retake the HESI in hopes of salvaging my grades. I am looking for other schools that will possibly accept students who've failed a nursing program already.
  7. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    I'm too tired to read through all the pages, so I might be repeating what was already said but how about not worrying that you're going to fail? Don't psych yourself out. Rumors get started in nursing school- I remember a lot of them "oh, so and so instructor failed almost EVERYONE!"...she was the nicest instructor! While allegedly another instructor did this terrible thing or that terrible thing and made 3 students cry in front of a patient.

    Don't believe it until you see it! Cross the failure bridge if you get there.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    Since this discussion was started way back in 2003, I certainly hope that the person who originally started this thread has arrived at a resolution by now.
  9. by   caliotter3
    Quote from TheCommuter
    Since this discussion was started way back in 2003, I certainly hope that the person who originally started this thread has arrived at a resolution by now.
    Me too. She's probably gone on to an advanced degree or up the chain at a great job by now and here we are wondering!