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Hi and welcome. I'm a student or was a student taking associates degree for nursing and I've been admitted to the nursing program in New York City College of technology in fall of 06. Unfortunately... Read More

  1. by   Alternator81
    I didn't imply that LPN school is easy! But no RN program is going to admit a student that has failed N101, even if your GPA remains high. It's too competitive-- there are only so many seats and they are not going to give one to a student that has already gone to nursing school and failed N101 when there are so many other students waiting. You have a better chance of getting into an LPN program and trying to be readmitted after a year.

    I agree, she should figure out what the underlying problem is before doing anything.
  2. by   gt4everpn
    Keep trying schools around the city!! you failed one class you should be able to bounce back and you will, keep looking!! best of luck to you! and remember keep posting here at allnurses, especially in the NY forum, It'll help!!