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  1. I am starting a placement on a neurology ward and have been told that there are patients on the ward with long-term conds such as parkinsons, huntingtons, MS etc. I have to write about a patient and about their carer and the care given to this patient. i dont really know where to start?
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  3. by   ghillbert
    I would start by reading up about those conditions, and the side effects and nursing implications, then work out what sort of interventions you think you'd need to implement.
  4. by   student_nurse1986
    yeh thank you

    i think we got to talk about the patient and the care they are actually recieving now, then at the end talk about what we can do to make anything better as nurses.
  5. by   gillytook
    Start by assessing. Talk to the patient, review the chart, talk to his nurses and therapists. Then research his condition. Treat it just as if you were preparing a care plan.
  6. by   student_nurse1986
    ok yes i will. thanks
  7. by   Daytonite
    this is a case study. start by making an outline. . .
    • disease
      • pathophysiology
      • signs and symptoms
      • how its diagnosed
      • medical treatment
    • patient's personal historical details (review of systems)
    • nursing care (go through the nursing process)
      • assessment
      • nursing diagnosis (the patient's nursing problems)
      • planning (the nursing care)
      • implementation
      • evaluation
    it is nearly impossible to find student examples of case studies on the internet. examples of articles by physicians of case studies can be found, however. they always begin by giving information about the disease, giving a short description of the patient's medical history, going through how the patient's disease was diagnosed and then getting into the specifics of how this particular patient was treated and responded.
  8. by   classicdame
    I usually began my school assignments by looking at the criteria for grading. Sometimes I even made the outline based on what the instructor was looking for. So if the instructor is looking for your input on patient perspective or on primary nurse's perspective, or whatever, then you know what points need to be covered. Do you have to pick one condition or write about what is similar between them? Tighten up your focus and that will help you "fill in the blanks". Good luck!
  9. by   student_nurse1986
    thanks all on your help. thats brill x
  10. by   ayla2004
    ist find out that the lectuer wants where are the most marks.
    hey do u have to critque the care?and remember keep it evidence based and referenced.
    what country are you in are there national guidelines for that chronic illness? are they being followed? if not why not. could anything improve care.