entering my 4th level lpn classes and I'm nervous

  1. Hi Guys!! Listen, I need all of your advice.PLEASE!!! I'm going to be starting my 4th level lpn classes,but the classes are in O.B. and Peds which are two subjects that I know next to nothing about. Being a woman, it makes me feel a bit inadequate not being an o.b. and peds whiz, but I have no kids,and to tell you the sad truth I've never dated. No one has ever asked me out. (Pretty sad huh?) Anyway send any encouragement you can to get me through these last courses before graduation. Love and peace Warrior Woman:kiss
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  3. by   NursBoxr
    Makes no diff!! I have two older children and wish I knew then what I know now! What WILL help you is what you remember from Growth and Develop class. You will expand on a good deal of that subject matter- along with new info!
    Just think, you're REALLY almost DONE!! (O.B. clinicals was actually fun.)
    Best of luck!!
  4. by   GPatty
    Please don't be afraid. 4th level is the easiest as far as I'm concerned. I'm in OB/PEDS for 2 more weeks, and it's got to be the easiest of all of it! And there's lots of girls who have no children in my class who are doing fine...and you will too...
  5. by   Nurse Shanta
    Congrats! I am in my 4th quarter of LPN classes also. I start OB\Peds in two weeks. I have four children but many of the students in my class do not have any children just like yourself. They are doing just fine and I know you will to. Keep your head up!

    Nurse Shanta
    class of 12/02!
  6. by   ShannonRN2010
    I am in my fourth quarter LPN class also...but ours are Med Surg 2 and Pharm 2.
    We had OB last quarter (my childless friend did fine) and Peds 2nd quarter and she did fine there too...I HATED peds...it was just boring.
    Good Luck
  7. by   RNIAM
    Hang in there,you'll do great!