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congratulations! to everyone that is starting in january! i'm so excited to meet everyone-please introduce yourself! :wavey: :groupwelcome:... Read More

  1. by   ProudRN2B
    Hey everyone! I'm starting first semester in the spring and was wondering if any of ya'll have an old reading list you wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks
  2. by   mimi_p
    Congrats ProudRN2B,

    I just finished up with my first semester, and I have the reading schedule but can't for the life of me figure out how to attach it. Can anyone help me out?

  3. by   ProudRN2B
    Mimi, Thanks! I sent you a PM with my e-mail address if that would work better.
  4. by   JaxiaKiley
    I made it, I made it! I'm a GN! Woooo! What a crazy ride! Thanks, everyone, for all the support and encouragement!

    The jurisprudence test wasn't a big deal at all. The search function on the site isn't as ... refined as it could be, so trying to find the information was the hardest part. Like Yang said though, a lot of the questions were common sense.
  5. by   Yin Yang
    Congratulations on getting admitted to the program. Spend the next few weeks doing everything you need to in order to be 100% focused when you start. You are officially property of ECC lol

    Yang, GN :grad:
  6. by   Yin Yang
    If anyone needs anything, I've saved pretty much EVERYTHING - which is handy because I do tutoring too! Let me know if you need reading lists, alot of the powerpoints, etc.

  7. by   JaxiaKiley
    I was just looking at this thread ... 75 pages of support! How amazing!!
  8. by   Guyd
    Yin Yang, I'll take everything you have if that's not too much to ask. I want to start my first semester at ecc as much ahead as I can. Thanks. b.krakue@yahoo.com
  9. by   Yin Yang
    I'll send stuff to you, but I'd edit your post to get rid of your e-mail....you never know who is trolling the boards...I've got your e-mail addy now
  10. by   Spill
    congrats to my homies- yang & jaxia!!!!! graduate nurses!!!
    it seems like it was just yesterday when we were all worried if we were getting into the program or not. what a great day that was, but i'm sure getting out of the program holds the same :d lol i hope to find out soon myself. good luck to you both on your boards. yang, i know you will be taking yours soon, how about you jaxia?

    congrats to all the newbies! check through some of our older posts to get lots of useful insight to what your future may hold.
  11. by   Yin Yang
    The moment I get my ATT, I'm calling (unless, of course, it comes while I'm on my cruise) nbch: to schedule it! Yell if you want some stuff for 4th semester Spill (you get the special version ). Good luck to everyone starting - we are always here for you!

    Yang :grad:
  12. by   BrieRN07
    CONGRATS to Yang GN and Jaxia GN!!! It's been so long since I've been here and I'm glad to see that y'all have made it through! What are y'all doing to prepare for the NCLEX? I truly wish y'all the best of luck! Y'all will do just fine...
  13. by   Yin Yang
    Well, truth be told, I'm not doing much of anything to prepare. I know that sounds crazy, but with the holidays and all, I just don't have any time hardly. I'm planning on taking it as soon as I get my ATT so it will still be fresh. I'm sure in the few days before, I'll do some questions and stuff, but I'm not planning on doing anything too major. I just did questions for the couple days before the HESI and scored a 1085, so I think I should be alright. At least that's what they say!

    I'm glad to see you hanging out back on the boards! Just cause you graduate and get a license doesn't mean you have to go away! LOL

    Take Care,