Dropout rates?

  1. I've read a lot of posts that mention how quite a few nursing students drop out of their programs. Are any of you in a program where no one or maybe only a handful of people have dropped out? I don't know what the average dropout rate for mine is--only 20 people in all are starting the program, and everyone takes the same classes at the same time, so I figure that enough people in the past have lasted through the 2-year period in order to make it worth it to the school to keep offering the program. Are high dropout rates common in nursing programs or do we only hear about the most dramatic cases?
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  3. by   nrselisa
    Our nursing program has a 50% drop out rate. From what I hear, last year 10 people dropped out in the first couple of months. Some were failing & some had problems with the hours, daycare, & jobs.
  4. by   SERENAde
    in my program they accept about 40 students per semester and by the end of the 2yr program only about 8 average graduate......can you believe it??
    wish me luck....
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  5. by   peaceful2100
    I think nursing school drop out rates are pretty common. If a school does not have very many who started who have drop out then it is a pretty good school were there are many students who can handle it. My class started out with 58 and we are down to 37 which is not too bad compared to others I have heard.
  6. by   CountrifiedRN
    My class started in the fall (2001) with 80 students. Starting back to spring semester in January we had about 60 students, but that included about 7 students who had dropped at that point in the program last year, and were coming back in. So 53 original students.

    We have 3 1/2 weeks left to this semester and I think we are down to 49. A lot of students are borderline on their grades this semester, and are waiting until after the final to see if they make it.

    I'm not sure it this figure is correct, but someone in class the other day was saying that out of the second year students only 20 will be graduating this year. If that's true, then only about 1/4 of students that start in our school actually graduate.
  7. by   crnasomeday
    I think our class started out with about 60 people or so, and I think we've lost about 25 or more along the way. Some flunk out, and then others have the types of problems that snlisa mentioned with jobs, hours, daycare, etc. I can't say for sure if most nursing schools have similar types of drop rates, but I wouldn't be all together suprised to find out they do.
  8. by   dasaSN
    We started out with about 43 students. 6 have dropped out in the first year so far. I think some of them were failing in other classes besides nursing like anatomy and physiology. Most of these plan on trying again next year.
  9. by   essarge
    We started with 36 this past fall and so far only one has dropped because of personal reasons. We are now in pharm and over half the class is failing. This reason being that our instructor seems to think that hers is the only class we have. Example would be that starting last Monday through yesterday (two classes) we've been given 35 drugs so far to memorize and we still have one more class before our next exam which would bring the total up to close to 50. We need to know just about everything about these drugs. I'm doing "ok" so far in that class, but allot of people are really struggling. I figure over half of our class will be left behind to repeat this course and if I had to make a "guesstimate" I'd say that in the fall we will start with about 20 students (maybe).
  10. by   Jennipherlynn
    we started the year with 22 students now are down to 12 TG i am one of them then again (will it ever end) they are probably sleeping soundly tonight while i spent seven hours trying to understand neuro........... mine is a full time ten month program with 8 weeks to go till graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   wsiab
    We started with 36, lost 5 over three years (only one actually left the program, the others did not pass a class and wound up a semester or two behind us), we gained two from the semester ahead of us and one who transferred into our class with credits from another school. Mostly it balanced out, graduated down two total.
  12. by   Brown Suga
    Hello Everyone,

    In my ADN program fall semester we started out with 60 student and after 2 semester we are down to 45 orginal. Now that summer is around the corner there are several students are planning on transferring to another community college nursing program. The level we are at now we can test out as LPN and stop school or continue in two more semesters and then test out as an RN. I am holding out for the RN and I have already started looking into RN to BSN programs. I am planning on going on for my BSN or I might take a year off to get some work experience in because I am tried of being broke. I have got the summer to think my plans over. In addition to taking a pharmacology class the first five weeks of summer.

    Brown Suga