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Does your employer know? I just started a new job today so I have not discussed this with my current employer. My last employer though, I had been with for almost 3 years and they knew, I told them... Read More

  1. by   CNMtobe2012
    Yep, I work for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing as a secretary. They are and have always been extremly supportive of me furthering my education. Like others my manager wrote me a great letter of recommendation to get into the BSN program. I work part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer. My work schedule is solely based on the my school schedule. When the work load is low they allow me to do my homework and even gave me access to the internet so that I could take an on-line class during the spring 2004 semester. I work with an amazing group of people and they extremly interested in my education. The office actually gave me a party when I made a 4.0 during fall 2003 semester. Having support from people who care is a wonderful thing.
  2. by   LittleCatB
    Quote from cherokeesummer
    Just curious if your employers knew/know?
    My mom is my boss, so she knows, LOL. I did mention to her about having to cut back hours or possibly quitting this fall and she threw up her hands and said all irritated: "don't tell me until the time comes!!" now she asks me about my hours and I remind her what she told me...

    IMO, as a pre-nursing student, it would have been better not to tell *everyone* about my nursing aspirations... I can't believe the negative feedback so far and it's incredibly awful to have to tell people if you don't get in. I'm so excited about all of this, though, so of course I had to open my big mouth to everyone.
  3. by   tonicareer
    No. I live in an area where jobs are scarce and employers do not want employees to be in school for any reason. I think you are lucky to have supportive employers though.
  4. by   mariedoreen
    I didn't really "announce" it to my boss or co-workers either. They knew because the information made its way naturally into conversations or because they saw me studying during my breaks. After the pharmacists I worked with found out they were always the first to ask me how things were going, what classes I was taking etc.. and even offered help for tough classes (like A & P and Chem). Even when they requested that I take on more hours and responsibilities and I kept turning them down because of school they didn't get upset at me.. So I would basically look at it this way: Do they need to know? In other words are you going to be requesting some flex scheduling for school? If that is the case, you better start working that information into a conversation.. If not, I'd let it go. If school doesn't interfere with work it's basically just an "extra curricular activity" let it come up in conversation but don't make a big deal about it. When I worked in a non-medical position while I was working on my pre-reqs I really downplayed my educational goals. I knew exactly what I was after: nursing, but I never really fessed up to it, just said that I was working on an Assoc degree but hadn't decided exactly what I wanted to go for, but that I was interested in nursing. I guess how open you are just depends on the situation..
  5. by   Truly_Blessed
    When my employer found out that I was applying for different nursing programs, she pulled me to the side one morning and rudely told me, "We are not going to work around a nursing students schedule. BTW, we will be moving you from graveyards to days." Days....when my nursing classes are held. Needless to say...I quit that job right then and there...I refuse to work for someone who does not want to see me succeed.
  6. by   WickedRedRN
    no, I have co workers who know, but as far as an official announcement, no. That would only get me taken off my current position that I am happy in and move me to a total on the phone position. Chained to a pc and phone all day in a cube...nope, I have done my time in that prison, and not going back :chuckle
  7. by   Lilnurse0803
    Hello Cherokeesummer,

    I know how you feel. I have been attending nursing school evenings and weekends for a year now and my employer hasn't got a clue. I'm an insurance broker and my boss would automatically think I was bailing the company if I told him what I was doing.:uhoh21:

    I do not think I will say anything to him since it does not interfere with my work. Two of my colleague know, however, they have been sworn to secrecy and have done an amazing job at keeping it a secret.

    You made me laugh when you said that your boss was out the door since mine works from about 10-3pm. If he stays until 5pm or comes in at 9am, we joke that he is doing massive OT.

    I really don't feel I want to make them mad or worried since I have yet to begin my clinicals. Once I am near the end of my program, I will tell them so that they are aware and prepared for the possibility of my resignation once I find the job I want.

    Do what you think is best; for me, waiting is best!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   sabrn2006
    My situation is a bit different. The full time position I was in was in danger of not being refunded (nonprofit agency - government grant), so I started looking at my options. I'd been toying with switching careers and decided to make my move. I applied to nursing school, started taking a prereq course and told my boss all in the same week. I had to take a class this past spring during my lunch hour, so I thought it was best to be up front.

    I recently switched to a part time position which I can work around my school schedule. My boss also wrote me a recommendation letter for a scholarship. I am working full time in a temporary position with the same agency this summer. Right now, it is working out pretty well. I hope I am saying the same thing this fall when I start my full time program.
  9. by   cherokeesummer
    In my position, I wouldn't just annouce that I am going to nursing school since it has nothing to do with my job. Also, since it is a new job. But...I have already worked into the conversation that I am a student, that school starts back in July.

    It doesn't get in the way normally, I very rarely need to adjust my schedule for school, normally it is only special meetings or something like that which would need me to take extra time.

    The city job offers great benefits including lots of paid time off so I'm thinking any special scheduling needs would be easily done with the time I will be accruing.

    But, in the first week I have already discovered that my new boss is very nice. I'm sure it would not be a big deal to her. I just won't volunteer that I'm a nursing student until it comes into conversation. I work in Personnel, so I can always tie nursing in to I/O Nursing or because I work with the city I can tie it in to School Nursing or Public Health Department.