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For the past 3 weeks, I have been in a Nursing Aid class to get some patient experience. I had less than a week to go before being certified and I quit this morning. The instructor said she was... Read More

  1. by   litepath
    As a critical care Nurse actively working in an ICU I can tell you that the stuff you speak of is an everyday occurance. I work in a teaching hospital so the docs are residents and interns at night when I work. So besides ensuring that the client gets the proper pain relief or pressor or what have you. I wash them, turn them, clean the poop, counsel them or family, take out the trash when full, et al. But it never occurs to me that this is hard work, or particularly distasteful. It is what it is. What it allows is autonomy. There are certainly many other types of jobs to be had that do not include these things. But it, as everything else, comes back to the self. What is it that will satisfy you?
    Incidently we do not regularly have a tech or cna at night. And with twenty beds to cover even when we have one...well, you get the picture. I love doting over my pt.'s and being picky over their care. But I also am there for my fellow workers and enjoy helping when I can.
  2. by   DZcarrie

    do you think that cna's enjoy doing that icky stuff? i mean who wants to come home from work everyday and say: "YES! i wiped 30 butts today and got paid $8/hr minus taxes!!!!! let's go party!"? :hatparty:

    if an aide has a problem, guess who she calls? the nurse! someone may have fallen while takin a poo in the bathroom.... in any area of nursing.

    i would say to continue the cna course if at all possible. that which does not kill you will only make you stronger!

    the bottom line is that no one ENJOYS doing that stuff. it just comes with the job.

  3. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from litepath
    ... I can tell you that the stuff you speak of is an everyday occurance...
    Agree. This can happen in any hospital unit -- from med / surg to the ED.
  4. by   HisTreasure
    Many, many, many people in my class are aids. As a matter of fact, some of the institutions that they work for are sending them. A couple whom I have been speaking with will tell you straight out that they DETEST being an aid. That's why they chose to continue. Being an aid, and being a nurse are different. I don't believe any nurse is above doing an aids job, but I don't think your total experience as an aid is indicative of your experience as a nurse. As others mentioned, you will have to find your niche, and most likely it isn't LTC. I think your question is totally subjective. If deep inside you think that working with sick people, sometimes doing the gross stuff is not something you can do for the next 10, 15, 20 years of your life, then get out now. But if your drive is nursing, don't let this experience deter you. Only you know what to do, so follow your heart.
  5. by   gwenith
    While I agree with what everyone has said so far I will say.

    Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse.

    To decide you would like another path is no disgrace. We encourage so many many people with doubts to continue on only to see them leave later that I wonder............

    Then you get the other stories of the doubters who are still here 20,30, 40 years later.

    Only you know your heart. Only you can plot your own path.

    Whatever that path be in life, be happy
  6. by   Rivs
    Thanks for all your replies so far. I know that being a CNA is not what I want to do, I would want more out of my job than just cleaning up poop and making beds. We could not even take vitals where I was. My day consisted of getting the resident out of bed, washing, feeding, and then putting them in a day room, or hallway for the day. That is it! The nurses did all the treatments, vitals, meds ...etc.....Many of the CNA's were also very mean, ignorant and unwilling at times to assist. I just didn't like that atmosphere. I do believe that I can be a good RN in the right I am continuing on!!!!
  7. by   JnJTyson
    Just graduated LPN school..been a CNA for 4ish years now...

    I have worked with RNs and LPNs who would outright refuse to help me with the "dirty work", they would flat out say "that is aide work, go get another aide to help you" Nothing made me more mad than that.

    When I went into LPN school, we were required to do total pt care. But frankly, towards the end of the program, I had 5-6 pts, needing a wheel-barrel to carry meds at 9am, plus I was responsible for baths, cleaning up, shave..... I met one aide, who found it amusing when I was calculating drugs, pulling insulin, and stuff like that, to come tell me my pt needed to get off the bedpan. So...basically, you make the decision to be 1 of 2 type of people. The one who won't and the one who will. If I have time...I will help anyone who needs help.

    I can't remember the name of the nurse or the aide anymore...but I promise you this...I remember the name of the infectious disease doctor who helped me wipe his pts butt....and he REALLY helped...he didn't just turn her over for me....

    P.S- we all have things we can't stand...but in the end..if you can find someone to help you, you can always repay poor friend in school HATED made her gag. Vomit doesn't bother me. So I cleaned up her pt for her. Two weeks later I had a lady coughing up green (and I do me was odd) phlegm...made me want to be my friend went in and suctioned the pt for me....=0)