Does anybody here use a digital camera or camcorder?

  1. I just wondered if anyone here even used anything more than a Word program.
    Since I had more than a few "views" to my post about possible equipment and no "replies" I wanted to know if the technology was just above what anyone here would use or nobody ever considered it before.
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    I am a computer technician, however I didnt read your other post, so I am not sure what you are talking about

    I do have a digital camera, webcam, websites, and 3 computers in my apartment, 2 desk tops and a notebook (that I am on now in the kitchen). What question are you asking, if I knew that, I might be able to help more... but yes, i definately use more than a Word program
  4. by   kids
    I was going to respond to your other post and didn't get a chance...

    You guys have to share a cat as a group? Back in the 'olden days' when I took A&P only 2 of us had to share (looks like the spay and neuter programs are working). Pre-med used rabbits (?).

    Any way...

    I highly recommend the Sony Mavica Digital Still with 10X simple to use, uses floppy disks so it is easy to store pics by date/subject/theme and save on hard drive space. It has good picture quality, even in 'macro' mode at 6" from the subject. In general needs no special software to view the pics-are in jpeg or bmp format (do need for editing), can get 40 pics on a disk depending on resolution...also duplicates pics in a smaller file format for emailing. Can pick one up at Walmart for $350.

    I also have a Nikon 2.14 Megapixel COOLPIX 775 Digital Camera ($550) and rarely use it. I just dislike its complexity in general. Also you don't really need the megapixil technology unless you are enlarging a pic for printing (for 'good' pics and portraits I prefer my good old non-digital Pentax A3000).

  5. by   kewlnurse
    I didn't see your original post so I can't post about that, but I have been a computer geek an dusing the internet long before most people ever heard of it, except of course Al Gor, who invented it in 1996. Anywho, I got a fuji digital for xmas and it rocks, take still and 20 second soundless videos.
  6. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    That previouse thread(if you look down the names for "Peeps Mcarthur" it'll be easier to find) has the specs of my new computer and the questions I was referring to.

    Al Gore......:roll Just the name alone says "monolouge material".

    The cat that everybody crowds around is in "open lab" just before the practical. The cat I dissected was weeks before and although it was only shared by two of us the lab instructor was shared by 40 students and couldn't be available for all the structures. Besides my cat was not done very well, hence my confusion over structures. A colored schematic out of the manual may be memorized but the real thing is often comparable to a mutant relative.

    My lab instructor said she would love to "star" in a cat movie and has requested a copy for the school library. I also want to get some copies handed out to all the students going through the same thing if that's technologicaly possible.
    It's got to be video I think to be a success.
    I'm able to spend about 600 bucks. Ive got two weeks to set it up.

    Brandy, you seem to be well grounded in technology. Can you search my other post and advise?

    Thanks everybody for your input. I'm exited about the possibilities for my clinical rotations as well. Proper technique is learned through repetition but having a visual aid to go with it would be outstanding.
  7. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I'll post on my previouse thread and bump it to the top.
  8. by   BrandyBSN
    From Peeps other post: Has anybody done this?
    What kind of device(s) should I be looking at?
    Do I need more than a 1.2 gHz processor or 256MB of SDRAM?

    Wow peeps! Great new computer!! I also recommend the Mavica camera, although i dont have that kind (I have a polaroid that was more fitting to my very limited budget a few years ago ). I cant imagine anything you could do that would need more than a 1.2 gHz processor, and you definately have the SDRAM covered! The only problem i would see is if you wanted moving pictures and long sound bytes... many digital cams wont support the long sound bytes, and only hold about 3 minutes to moving video. If that is your big goal, you might want to look into a digital camcorder instead of a camera. There are programs you can use to transfer from digital camcorders to your computer to edit the video, although I can't think of a good brand right now (just got out of psych clinical, brain is a little fried). Check Walmart... they usually have pretty nice equip, for the lowest price around. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!

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  9. by   Mkue
    I have a cheap digital camera that I purchased from AOL and I'm very pleased with it, does a great job for what I use it for. Only thing I don't like is you have to change the batteries a lot, which I"m hearing is not unsual for this type of camera.
  10. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    My wife and I went out looking the other day and found some camcorders that were ok.
    We thought we would compare prices on QVC because she has ordered stuff before and they have deals sometimes that let you spread out the payments. We found a Panasonic 300X zoom digital for three payments of $179.00 that they will ship by the middle of next week.......Sweeeeeeeeeeet! It has sound and all these other features that I don't even know what they mean yet.
    I'll be having some other questions for the technology minded next week.

    So, it looks like I'm in the cat-movie business by next Tuesday.

    She just called and she said what her name was and they knew where to send it since she has a member card It was over in about 5 seconds.

    That's ******* scary......