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Hello all! I am a nursing student at a community college in Florida. We currently wear white scrubs, covered with a white button up vest. Students at the school are hoping for a change of... Read More

  1. by   LilRedRN1973
    I attend a 2 year ASN program at a small community college in northern Nevada. We wear all white scrubs, white socks, white leather shoes (although I have gotten away with wearing my maroon Dansko shoes white ones SUCK!!). The scrub top has to have our nursing school patch (navy blue with white stitching) attached to the left sleeve. Should we chose to wear a lab coat, it must also have the patch. For psych rotation, we wear business casual...NO jeans, except at the state mental institute, which I'm not lucky enough to have clinicals at. When we did our stint at the prison, we could wear whatever we wanted, but NO blue (inmates all wear blue) and NO jeans (again because the inmates do).

    Melanie = )
  2. by   ashemson
    Oh My Gosh! I guess I am really lucky! We have to wear caribbean blue scrubs, and either caribbean blue or white scrub jacket. White shoes. That's pretty much it. I can't imagine having to wear some vest or apron. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING????!!!!!! :chuckle :chuckle
  3. by   abundantjoy07
    We are like marshmallows from head to toe. All white in every way. No vests.
  4. by   tutored
    I just posted a new thread, which seems very simlar to this one - I probably would have just added to this one had I seen it first. We wear the most ridiculous long- jumper-style pinafore "things" over our t-shirts and white elastic scrub pants. We look ridiculous. I feel your pain.
  5. by   umpalumpa14588
    1. Marion S. Whelan (LPN school)
    2. Navy or white shoes, navy scrubs, white fitted button up blouse, and white warm up jacket. I've seen better & I've seen worse.
    3. No vest
  6. by   RedWeasel
    we had to wear nightingale uniforms. Very uniform. We liked them after a while. They were very well made. All white. with the button on apron that attached to the front of the zip up top. and the top flared out at the botton, almost like a short short dress. All white leather shoes, if they had the blue heart on them we had to white it out with ink white out. white socks that would not show skin when you sat down and the pants hem rode up. Hair off collar, only two earrings. One girl had two in the upper ear part and was sent home. She argued it was two earrings and they never said they had to be in the lobes. Tattoes had to be covered with bandages. Patches on sleeve of top and white lab coat. I cant believe that was 3 years ago. When I see students at hospital I pity them tho. but they look professional. Just wish they would think of us and give us maroon pants as an option. We are girls after all (mostly) and dont want white pants EVERY day
  7. by   LaruaRN
    Our nursing program had always worn all white until this year. Now we wear navy pants, white top, white lab coat, blue school patch on the top and coat sleeve. Many like the change. Some complained about the cost of the new pants. I like the vest idea. I have been wearing a lab coat with 3/4 sleeves.
  8. by   Kiringat
    Denver, Colorado
    We wear navy scrubs with a school patch on the left side. Its not bad, especially to some other schools in the area... No vests, thank God, but we have to wear lab coats whenever we're at the hospital and not doing pt. care.
  9. by   nurseaboveboard
    The only vest I ever needed in nursing was bulletproof . Seriously though, we wore all white dresses or pants, white shoes and a gold pinafore. It didn't matter, I was so proud and happy to be there!