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I've been thinking about this for some time now, and i'm wondering if my mind will change once I actually get into nursing school! Do any of you know what area you want to work in, and why? Has... Read More

  1. by   tmarie75
    i have an interest in ob/gyn, psych, med-surg, and geriatrics. i'm very interested in women's health and would like to be a whnp someday.
  2. by   wanttodonicu
    i'm really sorry to hear about your son, i to just had a baby boy in april all though he is healthy i still have either wanted to work in ld or nicu since i started looking into nursing 2 years ago. i wish you luck and hope you end up in the nicu with your son watching you.
  3. by   Dublin37
    Hi. I feel like you do. I think I know what area I want, but I figure after going through the program, I'll have a better idea. I THINK I want to go into Neonatal, or NICU that's where my heart is for now, but wherever God wants to use me, I'll go! Heather:angel2:
  4. by   iluvsnoopy
    Here is a perspective from a new grad...
    During my first year of a four year nursing program, i had no idea what area was for me and I truly believed I would just "know" when I entered "my area". 2nd year I started leaning towards peds. Third year i was sure I wanted to be a psych nurse, then I was sure I wanted to be a surgical nurse. Fourth year first semester, I was positive I had found me place in Peds. 2nd semester fourth year I did my final placement on a surgery floor and was convinced that Surgery was for me.
    As a new grad I am rotating between medical (an area I never wanted to do) and surgery for the summer. Guess what, I now LOVE Medical and I am trying to get a job there full time.
    I guess my long winded point is that the area you don't see yourself in could turn into the area you absolutely love. Keep an open mind and good luck to all you students. Hang in there, school will fly by faster than you can imagine and Yes, it is worth it!
  5. by   MtnMan
    I will leave the ED when they pry my cold, dead fingers from the Defib.
  6. by   nrs2be
    Hi, i'm starting my first year of nursing today actually. I've been in school for 2 years getting pre-reqs out of the way. Ever since i knew i wanted to be a nurse i've always wanted trauma, my second choice would be labor and deliver. But i desperately want trauma. I know its hectic and i sound like a hallmark card when i say this, but if i can be the last smiling face that someone who is dying sees then it will be worth it, or hold the hand of someone who is scared, or help to make someone better. I know that i cant wait to graduate. who knows if i will change my mind but as of right now, this is where i stand.