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Hi, I am a rising 4th year nursing student doing a project for a statistics class and am designing an experiment to see if there is a correlation between being a nurse/nursing student and donating... Read More

  1. by   Kaychell
    Quote from Shanfuturenurse
    I voted yes but....being a nursing student had no bearing on my donations. I did the same long before I ever considered nursing as a career

    This is my answer as well.
  2. by   Schweet
    I do. I donate blood and sometimes I'll feel crazy and donate plasma. That is, the days I am not cold because donating plasma is a chilling experience but rewarding.
  3. by   JStylesNY
    i typically donate two times a year at our campus. i also work with a club to promote donating blood on campus and in our community, but it's shocking to see how many people are afraid of needles!

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