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  1. frogs4131

    LPN programs in RI

    No problem, good luck.
  2. frogs4131

    LPN programs in RI

    Hi, there is no application for the LPN program at CCRI. You would apply to the nursing program. You must complete Nursing 1 with at least a 75 and move forward to Nursing 2. If you complete Nursing 2 with at least a 75 you can move onto Nursing 4 if you complete Nursing 2 with a "D" you have 2 choices you can repeat Nursing 2 after the chair allows you to and you do whatever remediation they choose, usually its a pathophys class OR you can move onto Nursing 3 which is the LPN program and is held always over the summer at the end of the course you are awarded a diploma and can sit for the Nclex-LPN. After you work as an LPN for at least a year you can reapply to CCRI to complete Nursing 4 and 5 to be awarded your ADN.
  3. frogs4131

    CCRI Acceptance?

    Melissa- I just finished the program at CCRI and they announced to us during class that the most recent data the school recently received has CCRI leading in the NCLEX pass rates. It was released to the school and is not yet published. As for the second link you published, it doesn't include 2 year programs.
  4. frogs4131

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    Hope everyone has a nice holiday!
  5. frogs4131

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    BellaLee0103- I go to CCRI and the prof I had for clinical last year also taught at URI and she said we were as equally prepared to be nurses and for the NCLEX as our counterparts at URI. Your "holier than thou attitude", "I'm better than you attitude" is the whole reason why there is so much lateral violence in nursing. We all take the same licensing exam. Taking western lit doesn't make you a better nurse. Some people may have life experience and the attitude that will make them great and far superior nurses than someone like you who obviously has so much hostility towards any other program than your own. Someone could have all the advanced degrees in the world and still lack people skills. I think you may need to review culture in your nursing text. Also, the ANA has been trying for about 30 plus years to make a BSN the minimum degree required. I also do not know where you get your information about BSN's over an ADN. I have a friend who graduated from CCRI last year and was hired at W&I over another nursing student from RIC's program. You are insulting, hostile and most liking a difficult person to work with. I can assure you that you will be working with some great, seasoned and in your opinion beneath you ADN nurses and you WILL need their help. So please bring your attitude down a notch, you were accepted to the RIC school of nursing not Yale or BU. It doesn't make you any smarter or better than the rest of us who chose our various programs to fit our lives. I'd love to see where you are in ten years and if your just as miserable as you are now. You'll definitely have to keep us updated your great endeavors.
  6. frogs4131

    CCRI Application question...

    mgalano- That should be more than enough time. The first 3 weeks of school are spent in the lab and not the nursing home. Also, like you I got in with a 3.3 gpa, B's in my sciences and an A in dosage and got in on my first try so congrats! I know since they changed the requirements to get in that they have been having trouble FILLING all the seats. So perhaps people who didn't get in are being less than honest about their grades and gpa's. I personally do not think it's a conspiracy and that people are buying their seats, how ridiculous and insulting. Hope you enjoy it, you earned it!!!!
  7. frogs4131

    CCRI Application question...

    mgalano- if you call the nurse at ccri or email her she can give you labs and clinics that you can go to that will give you a discount on your titers and immunizations. I got my Hep a and b vaccinations free that way. The Hep b series would have cost me $300- with insurance. Hope this helps.
  8. frogs4131

    CCRI nursing clinical schedule

    This is how my schedules have been so far: Nursing 1: Mondays- off Tues &Wed- lecture 8 to 11 am Thur & Fri- Clinical 7am to 3pm Nursing 2: Mondays- off Tues- lecture 8am to 11am Wed- lecture 8am to12pm Thurs & Fri- Clinical 6:30am to 2:30 pm Nursing 5: Mondays- Clinical 7am to 7pm Tues- lecture 9am to 12pm Wed- off Thurs- lecture 9am to 12pm Fri- off We take Nursing 4 last in Providence so I'm not sure if i will have 8 or 12 hr clinicals. Also, the day before clinicals you have to go in the hospital to get your patient information.
  9. frogs4131

    CCRI Nursing Program

    Most of the questions come from the books. Mainly your fundamentals and whatever your other main book is (we used Lewis). If they make a point to really go over something in class then it will definitely be on the exam for ex. how long should you wash visibly dirty hands etc. I found Straight A's to be helpful and also the online resources that come with your book. If you're using Evolve you can go online and print up the key points and tests for each chapter. Those are very useful for studying. If your book comes with a study guide I would definitely buy it even if they didn't recommend it. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  10. frogs4131

    CCRI Nursing Program

    I'm in Nurs 5 at CCRI.
  11. frogs4131

    Do you donate blood?

    I have donated platelets in the past. I currently can't donate platelets any longer due to antibodies in my blood that have the potential to cause TRALI in some patients. I can still give my red cells, though. Also, I have been employed by a blood center for the past 5 years. I would like to clear up some misconceptions about donating: 1. If you donate in a "plasma center" your blood goes to companies to make cosmetics and other products. It is not transfused to people because the FDA believes that if people are paid to donate then they would not be truthful on the questionnaire therefore potentially making the blood supply unsafe. 2. In my blood center if you have acupuncture you can donate as long as they are single use needles or if they are your own personal needles. 3. There are currently 32 states who let you donate if you've had a tattoo in the last year. These states regulate their tattoo facilities. If you received your tattoo in a state that regulates their tattoo facilities and your tattoo is clean dry and pain free then you should be able to donate blood. If you receive it in one of the 18 states who do not regulate their tattoo facilities, another country, or you have it done in someone's home then you have to wait 12 months. Also, piercings are fine as long as its a sterile single use needle. 4. There are very few medications that prohibit you from donating, you can even donate on coumadin as long as your levels are stable. Examples of meds that prohibit you from donating are accutane, proscar, propecia, avodart etc. After you stop taking them for a certain period of time you can resume donating. These drugs are prohibited because the cause birth defects and they may potentially be transfused to someone who is pregnant. Less than 5% of the population who is eligible to donate actually donate. Some don't ever attempt because of misconceptions.
  12. frogs4131

    Any RI LPN programs besides CCRI's?

    I went back to school for nursing 4 years ago. I am a divorced single mom of two, worked full time and received no help from their father. At that time my daughter was entering kindergarten. I took my pre-req's one at a time each semester including the summer semesters. At the beginning it seemed it would take me forever to get through it. Along the way I met my fiance and we bought a house together. I was accepted into the program last May and started Nursing 1010 last September. Once nursing school started I could only work part time. I work 20 hrs a week during the school year and pick up full time hours this summer. I supplement my income with financial aid and loans. It's hard and things are definitely tight but it is doable. I feel guilty about being away from children (working, school, clinical,studying) but I promised them a trip to Disney once I graduate in May :).
  13. frogs4131

    Any RI LPN programs besides CCRI's?

    CCRI is the only LPN program in the state.
  14. frogs4131

    CCRI Spring (Jan) start.. a few questions

    Hi, This past spring semester the open enrollment period was from Jan. 4th to Jan. 15th. It will probably be the same for spring '11 too.
  15. frogs4131

    Anyone used Evolve Bundle?

    We use Evolve at my school. I bought the bundle because of the book codes for the website and we use SimMan on our Evolve accounts too. I thought the website was very helpful because it has additional Nclex questions for each chapter, it also highlights the key points of each chapter, content updates for your books and tons of other resources. This was extremely helpful when utilized because all our tests are electronic and the test bank comes from Lewis which is one of my Evolve books. I highly recommend it.