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I was talking to two students today that are about to enter Nursing 3 in the Fall, I am starting Nursing 1 ( of a 4 semester ADN Program). Their advise was 1. Dont work ( or work as little... Read More

  1. by   jdub3
    IHMO you do not need a book for ADN. I do have a batchelors degree in HLHP, which gave my an anatomy and health promotions background. I never read one book the whole time I was in the ADN program. Took notes, kept it simple and devoted a few hours to studying each day. Learning to take notes efficiently is also a key to this type of studying IMO. I guess over the years I have learned whats important and what isn't. The only time I was scrambling to write everything were with 1rst time instructors. Needless to say those instrutors didn't make the cut for the next semester, poor things.

    Edit: Oh yeah, passed NCLEX-RN in 75 questions in 45 minutes. Every day is a study day in nursing school.
  2. by   awoods0042
    Umm.. well. Even when my grades were A's i knew that if i got lazy, and failed a test, that i could fail the class... its sad that one test could fail you in the class.. and at least in my program if you failed a class you failed out of the program for a year. My first semester I worked 40 hours a week, and it honestly was too much for me, but some people can do it. This semester im going down to 24 hours a week, and i'm pretty sure with all the extra time to study my stress level will be down. =) just stay focused.. you can do it.
  3. by   Nicki1980
    Shann106 - I may need some advice once I get starting into my LPN program this fall! I am a single mother and feel like I must work in order to continue to provide because I have no help from my sons father. I know I can do this and will do whatever it takes, but with your schedule and you being able to make it work gives me more motivation and lets me know it CAN be done! Thanks for your input!
  4. by   cardschicarn
    I feel like that every single day. We always have a written test, some other test we have to pass, or a skills test. I hate those skills tests. I swear they will be the end of me!! LOL!! I also feel my school is cliquish so I also worry about fitting in. I worry I will fail and I also worry I won't make A's. I have set extremely high standards for myself that make it hard to reach. I ended up making a "B" my first semester of nursing school but I have become okay with it.

    I get so nervous when performing a new skill at clinical! I am so afraid I will get a bad clinical write-up. I am afraid I won't get that IV on the first try or find the right spot for that catheter! hahhah

    No seriously, I am thoroughly enjoying my break. I am scared to death to start back because I'm an extremely tense person. Nursing school isn't the best for that. I will get thru this!! That is what you have to tell yourself EVERYDAY!
  5. by   aud06lin
    Well coming from a nursing student who just finished my first level of nursing school...yeah, you will feel that way. On that note...dont let that discourage you cause its not always going to be like that. Our level one was nuts but if you study and be completely committed you can pull through! Just try and remind yourself when you feel like your about to lose it, that other people have done this and it is not an impossibility. And yes, if at all possible do not work, if you have a family be prepaired to not be around alot...but ALWAYS remember the sacrifies you are going to make know will be well worth your future.

    Hope this helps Audrey
  6. by   chuckz
    I used to feel a ton of pressure (I am in Term III now), but now I think I am kind of numb to it. I prepare for tests, realize that I am going to have to cram some information in due to having a high volume of things to well as well as take care of my 3 year well as cutting the grass and handling bills and such, that I do my best and that usually gets me a decent grade. I had one test in my life below the 80 percent (it was as 78) but they gave us 6 extra points of extra credit that brought it up.

    I think you just have to understand that you will get through this, it just takes a large effort and a huge sacrifice on your part and on the part of your family.
  7. by   JomoNurse
    no, it's not that bad. they're just trying to "Scare you". you have no more chances at failing a nursing class as you do any other class. just study what youre supposed to study and youll do fine.