Do Any of You Have Kids? - page 2

If so, how many children do you have and what are there ages. How are you managing going to school and taking care of the kids? I just started back to school to get my pre reqs out of the way... Read More

  1. by   Mandarella
    I have 2 boys. They will be 1 & 2 in Feb. Me & my husband have to piece it together. Today for instance my class starts @ 3:45 he needs to come home from work @3ish to get me out. Not bad now but in the fall it will be straining. Because I am the "mommy". I am the one who wants to do everything for my kids. Feed, bathe, play, read, put them to bed. I'm learning that I can't be supermom, I can just try.
  2. by   studentNY
    I did all my pre-reqs and electives at night. I took my time waiting for my youngest of 3 to start Kindergarten. Now I go full time while she is in school. I had to do it this way. My husband works alot, no family around and NOOO money for babysitter. Good Luck.
  3. by   manna
    I took most of my pre-reqs online as well - but I worked full-time before I began nursing school. My boys are 6 and 3. My older son is in first grade and goes to the same afterschool daycare that his brother attends fulltime.

    Up until the last few weeks, my husband had been living 120 miles away for a year due to his job.. We're VERY glad to have him back home now!

    Oh yes, I also commute a minimum of 130 miles/day (we have class or clinicals 5 days a week)! Whew!
  4. by   RedSox33RN
    I have a 14yo daughter, who is my wonderful babysitter on occasion when I'm in clinical, and 3 boys, ages 12, 10 and 8. I miss them terribly, even though I'm right here with them. I feel like we don't have the quality time anymore.

    I think going through a separation/divorce is 1/2 my problem.
  5. by   Needsmorechocolate
    I have three kids ages 18 months, 3 and 5. Yes, I agree that it can be tough at times but it is possible. I am graduating with my ADN this May. I did most of my studying late at night after the kids went to bed and also I go straight to the library after I drop them off at daycare and school so I can get some studying done before class. My husband has been very supportive and helpful. I completed all my pre-reqs before applying to nursing school. Also I do not work so I found that can allow me to focus on my family and school. Best of luck to you!!
  6. by   hospitalstaph
    Hi there! I have three little ones 2, 5, and 7. I am going part time and will finish my ADN in 3 1/2 years instead of two. My youngest is still nursing and I wanted to still be able to spend lots of time with my kids. I am only in school 2 days a week for 3 1/2 hours each time. Quite honestly, this is about all I could handle right now When my youngest goes to school I will be ready to go to work too.

  7. by   megamoo1979
    I have a 4 year old daughter. I did all my pre-reqs part time while working full time. Now I'm not working, just going to school. She goes to daycare while I'm at school. When I'm at clinicals late either my hubby (her stepdad) or her dad picks her up. I try to do all my studying while she is spending time with her dad, but if I can't, my husband is great at keeping her out of my hair for a little while.

  8. by   CNM-to-be
    My guys are 5, 3, and 15 months. My oldest goes to a Montessori school during the day and the other 2 stay w/ grandma who lives down the street. My dh also helps out...we own our own real estate biz so his schedule is pretty flexible. Even w/ all the great family support I have its still hard. Sometimes the biggest challenge I face is getting study time. School is a long drive from my home so I get back late. Of course the boys want to play when I get home from school but there's studying to be done. Its been a huge priority balancing act for our family.

  9. by   txspadequeenRN
    I have 5 kids ages 15,12,4,3 and 2. My husband and I both attend college full time. He goes to University of Texas at Arlington full time engineering student, very long hours. My husband goes at night and I go mostly on the internet and inthe early morning if needed. I work on the W/E 30 hours , then come home to finish stray homework. It is the toughest thing we have ever done but we have been in school now 3 years. We do not have a babysitter and only go out once a year together with no kids and that is New Years.Im not sure how much more I can take it plays hard on my overworked body. But it can be done with determination and will power.
  10. by   jenrninmi
    Yes, I have a 7 1/2-year-old daughter and a (almost) 6-year-old son. I have a very supportive husband, although he does work full-time and is also in the Army National Guard - (which can keep him pretty busy- not the typical 1 weekend a month for him). He also just finished his BA last summer so we were both going to school. I have a reliable home daycare provider which is an absolute MUST - believe me! My kids are used to mom being in school. I think it will be strange for them when I'm done. Good luck to you! And God Bless your little one!
  11. by   scotswoman
    I think you must either be very brave or absolutely mad. I waited until the youngest of my four children was 7 until I began by BN Adult Nursing and still find it a struggle. They have sooooo much to say for themselves. Still I feel as if I am getting there slowly. Best of luck with your training.
  12. by   SCmomof3
    I've got an 11 yo DD, a 6 yo DS and a 2 1/2 yo DS. My older two are in school and the youngest is in my church preschool program 9-12. Thankfully, they gave us a scholarship for that. It's worked out well so far - this is my third semester of pre-reqs, but I took the 1st online. I had a bit of a scheduling conflict this semester, but thankfully my instructors helped me overcome it (I am registered for one BIO 211 lecture but actually attend another because of the labs). I am concerned about Summers, because our church preschool only operates during the normal school year. And this summer, it wouldn't matter anyway, because my schedule will be 6-9pm Tues, Wed, Thurs. DH is off Thursdays but I have no idea what we'll do Tues and Wed - he generally doesn't get home from work til 8. My DD will be 12 and is dying to babysit, but I still don't feel comfortable, esp. not for that long, and she'll be in Buffalo visiting her dad for most of the summer anyway. I feel your pain. As others have said though, we do what we have to in order to achieve our goals. Best of luck to you {{{hug}}}
  13. by   GGingerSR
    I have two little girls' ages almost two and nine. I dropped out of nursing school after my little surprise came along. I was not willing to give up her first year of life for school. Of course the "family" (not my husband, he is very supportive) thought I would not come back but I graduate in May. I have a hard time managing family and school but somehow I get manage. The house is always dirty and the laundry is always piled up but that is a small sacrifice for the reward of nursing. I love taking care of pts and their families.