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  1. by   firstyearstudent
    Now I'm getting confused, isn't desired/have the same thing as dimensional analysis?
  2. by   tookewlandy
    i think desired/have is the same as DA, i also have to use the calculate with confidence books and it shows you how to use DA, formula, and R:P
  3. by   crb613
    RP drives me nuts!!!!! But DA not that I get!!! I think as long as you get the right answers...it won't matter...but I would ask. I like D/H for short, simple little things too. We called it DO..DA dose ordered/dose on hand X's amount
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  4. by   llg
    Quote from Bala Shark
    Here is a simple way to figure out a medication problems in division:


    That is desired divided by have..Very simple!!
    That works if your problem is a simple 1-step calculation. But some real-life situations have multiple steps before you get to that point. Real-life situations don't always present themselves in the same format that your previous faculty used for test questions. When that happens, the DA users seek out the RP folks to help them figure out what to do.

    Of course there are exceptions to that. Some DA users also have a good grasp of fundamental mathematics and the relationships between quantities. Those DA users are successful at solving all types of problems. However, some nursing students with math aversion rely too heavily on "quickie formulas" and "shortcuts" without really understanding the math that underlies them. They get through school OK and do OK in most common clinical situations in which the systems are in place to minimize their need for mathematical understanding. But they never become the leaders or resource people in that aspect of practice because they lack a fundamental understanding.

  5. by   lilmama007
    Go DA, you always end up correct because you're cancelling out a lot of nonsense.