Did your hospital pay for your tuition?

  1. Hi, Im a student in Arizona, currently taking my prereq's to get into nursing school..

    I recently had an interview with a nurse recruiter from Banner Baywood. They pay for your tuition and books for the accelerated program at Gateway Comm College if you work for them three years afterwards at any of the Banner hospitals. I thought this would be a cool idea, because three years isnt too long, I like the idea of accelerated classes to get done sooner, and there are so many areas and so many Banner hospitals.

    I have heard tons of bad stuff about them lately though!!

    Any advice on any other hospitals that offer something like this?

    Thank you
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  3. by   IrishIzCPNP
    Lots of hospitals offer this. Some just don't advertise is. I would call around to other places and see what they all have to offer.

    I'm not in a contract and have no plans to get into one. I don't want to be locked into something when I graduate.

    There are some students in my class who are going for free and owe the hospital (hospital based program) 3 years after graduation...they are all current employees. I could get money back after I graduate and work for a period of time but I'm not worrying about it.

    Just call around and see what they all have to offer.
  4. by   Achoo!
    The hospital I work for will pay up to $1000 a semester, but I don't work enough hours to qualify for this.
  5. by   Daytonite
    Your state board of nursing, state nurses association or state hospital association should know about any of the programs like this going on in your state. You are always going to hear the "bad" gossip. Think about this though. Hospitals that have employees coming out their ears don't need to offer programs like this because they have more employees than they know what to do with. If there is one thing I have learned in all my years, it is that what makes a job pleasant is the people who you work with in your most immediate work area. That, unfortunately, is totally a matter of fate and something that you won't know until the first day you show up for work. You can have an interview with a manger who seems really nice. But if you end up having to work shoulder to shoulder with a real nasty B**** of a charge nurse, the nicest manager in the world won't make a difference, except maybe she might be a willing shoulder to cry on.
  6. by   cardiacRN2006
    Mine paid for tuituion via tuition reimbursement with no contract. So I spent very little on NS. (even pencils and 3x5's were paid for).

    Just ask around, and make sure there's no time committment or contract.
  7. by   ZooMommyRN
    I am on scholarship with a local hospital, I don't work for them as of yet, have applied for a few pt positions but nothing yet lol I work for them for 2 yrs after graduation and they have a grad nurse orientation and training program that lasts until you feel comfortable on your own, avg is 3 mos according to HR, and they will pay for my NCLEX fee when it comes time to test