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Fellow sufferers, I was suprised to discover that the final, which is comprehensive covering 25 classes over 4 months, has no study guide. I've never taken a class before that had this policy. I... Read More

  1. by   NurseAngie
    Originally posted by nursbee04
    NurseAngie -
    YES I am going to use a review book and everything I can get my hands on for the NCLEX. I meant we won't get one provided by my program, and you have a course in it?! I should have made myself clear. Sorry, my mind is buried somewhere between my pharmacology final and my processes final.
    Hey ..it's cool,
    Yep, We can take a NCLEX review course worth 3 credit hours. Ya better believe I'm taking that class!

    ~Angie, L.P.N., RN/ADN student