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  1. Hi everyone......just want to vent a bit. I have submiited my app to a 2 year program and was feeling fairly confident until I heard some disturbing news today. The program I applied to is already very competitive...about 175 applicants and only 32 spots available. I still felt confident I had a great shot at getting in. Well apparently one of the hospitals that does the clinical didn't get a grant.....and if that grant doesn't come through they will only accept 20 students this year! I am so depressed!!!!!!!!! I do have a plan "B" but I am still feeling pretty devastated. Plan b is to apply to a four year program and enter as a junior next year. Anyways......just wanted to share the news. I take the NLN exam on I feel like that may be a big waste as it isn't needed for the BSN program.
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  3. by   Hooligan
    I hear ya!!! I'm applying to a 2 year program this year also that has 90 spaces available and 250 some applicants. I'm soooo worried that I won't get in! My plan "B" is to get my plebotomy cert. and work till next fall as a phlebotomist. We won't find out if we're accepted or not until the end of May. Just keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to worry about that really works! Let's just hope luck in on both our sides!!!

  4. by   justjenn
    That is VERY fustrating ! As far as the test goes, I wouldn't look at it as a waste of time, it can only help you.

    I wanted to go to this one school REALLY BAD
    1. It is state of the art;
    2. 10 min. away from my house;
    3. It is where I am enrolled now - doing general courses;
    4. There program is respected by the nurses at local hospitals;
    5. THEY GET TO WEAR CAPS! ( boy I have issues w/that)

    Anyway, I was too far on the list (too many re-entries pushed me). The school I was accepted at is 48 miles away - 1 way, AND the hospitals they go to for clinicals (which we all know start before 7 am) some are 2 hrs. away from my house - looks like I will be getting up at 4:00 am

    But - chin up - many people drop out at the LAST MIN. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both
  5. by   Loubell RN 2B

    I too am in the same exact situation... I was felling pretty good about my decision to apply this year to the nursing program but then they decided to put a cap on the program. The number they are keeping it at is 70 but that will include their present part-timers, bringing the number of accepted new students down to 39. I found out the other day that they have given out over 400 applications to the ADN program. Your talking complete misery.....

    Anyway, there is a private university about 30 minutes from me that uses the same hospital for clinicals as the community college but of course the cost is way out there. They do have a nice financial package but the thought of accumulating those loans is hard to swallow right now. They just introduced a 5 semester program to get your BSN but you have to have a list of pre-reqs completed to start the program. I have all but 3 of those classes. I have lots of decisions to make...

    Good luck to you...

  6. by   KAYfutureLPN
    I know what you mean, my program only accepts 30 students per year. Luckly I was one of them. I hope you will be as well.
  7. by   salgal
    Thanks for the encouragement you guys.......just sitting on pins and needles at this point......waiting.
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    hang in there!
  9. by   kathygalpn
    i had same worries but I got lucky.I wish you luck on the nln.Just hang in glad i found this site nice to find peaple with same concerns and asking same questions I used to ask
  10. by   mzmckim
    Was that cap for Lord Fairfax? WOW I just sent my application out today...Are you still going to apply?
    That is good information to know...I am in No. VA as well...I have been accepted to NVCC program, but the travel to Springfield in the fall is gonna kill me as that is quite far from where I live.

  11. by   FutureNurse2005
    I'm sorry that the odds are not too great, but just have a bit of faith! It seems that this is happening everywhere! Its a shame really....shortages are all over, but they wont open more student spaces Seems like an awful waste to me.

    Good luck to you though!
  12. by   susanmary
    It's the same everywhere ... a local community college made the headlines this week. Had sent out questionnaires, etc. -- were supposed to offer evening classes (would be 1st time) & would be able to accommodate more students. Fell through the cracks --no evening classes & less students able to be admitted to the program. Reflected very poorly in the news as there is a nursing shortage & potential nursing students being turned down.

    The shortage of nursing program slots is complicated -- not enough money in the budget, etc. Very frustrating all around.

    In your case, exactly how long would it take you to complete the ADN program (if accepted) compared to the BSN? If you are able to enter the BSN program as a junior & would take roughly the same amount of time -- go for the BSN. Whatever happens, follow through with your dreams. Plan B's happen. As John Lennon sings ... "life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." I love that line.