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My husband and I have went from a income of $35,000.00 per year to $20,000.00 all for a sacrifice I wanted to take to accomplish my dream of being a surgical nurse. I am attending a private college... Read More

  1. by   epg_pei
    ...was an old Chevy Chevette I paid a hundred bucks for...that thing went through hell and refused to quit. It looked like hell, it was loud sometimes, and it smoked at other times, but it worked, and got me where I need to go. I remember putt-putting around in that car when other people had to admit their brand new cars were in the shop for some kind of expensive maintenance. And Oh My God how people go on about their new cars until something happens to them...but anyways.

    I guess what I want to say is, do you want other people to value or judge you as a person by the kind of car you drive? Prolly not eh?
  2. by   wsiab
    Hang in there, and don't be afraid to make friends. I went to a private college for nursing school, there were a lot of new cars in the parking lot and the amount of spoiled rotten brats, who thought that the definition of being poor was having to attend public school, in my general ed classes was enough to make me sick. However, most of nursing classmates were there on scholarships, grants, loans and long term payment plans too. Most of us had crappy cars we were praying would last through school and would not break down in frightening urban neighborhoods during our public health rotation, or on the way to your first day of clinical with a new instructor. My car crapped out (lost the engine) a month before the start of my last semester, had to borrow my grandfathers car for my last semester and buy a decent slightly used car after getting a job. One of my friends had to carpool with another classmate for all of her classes last semester (registration office was very nice about accomodating them with the same rotations) because she lost her car at the end of the second to last semester. All of us had crappy cheap rental houses, some of my friends wound up banding together to get out of their crappy apartments and into a slightly less crappy house. We would go to eachothers homes for study group and sit on pillows and the floor because there wasn't enough room on the couch or chairs (no one had much furniture).

    Don't be afraid to make friends, you will need them to get through nursing school. You are all students, you'd be surprised how many are in the same boat. Your friends will turn out to be one of your greatest sources of support in school, they are all going through it to. And like I said before, hang in there, after school you will be able to get yourself a decent working vehicle and a nicer place to live.
  3. by   gordi24
    Originally posted by maire
    Oh gordi24 (Gordon? 24? NASCAR fan by chance?) hang in there. I know exactly what you're going through. I personally am piss-poor with a huge childcare bill due to school (and driving a beatup minivan with a really tacky cartop) but in the end it will all be worth it and I can kiss these days goodbye.
    That's right BIG nascar fan!!!!!! That's my second love!!!!!!!!
  4. by   gordi24
    I am so glad I have friends like all of you! Your all right I shouldn't worry about what they think, if they are my true friends they wont care about the material things in life. I'm going to focus on school and someday be a nurse.