Cranky floor nurses? Or snotty students?? - page 3

Hi, all, I am a student at a big teaching hospital and university, and I am curious what sort of experiences you students are having with the floor nurses. I would also like to hear from you floor... Read More

  1. by   JujubeansRN
    You say you won't cross a boundary that puts YOU in jeopardy..may I suggest you don't cross boundaries that put your PATIENTS in jeopardy instead? If you approach bedside care with the attitude that you are going to treat your patients as if they are a family member, you will do just fine. Let that be your guide-it's served me well for 20 years and counting and I am happy to say nobody has died or been hurt on my watch. Those patients are people--advocate for them. And always, always look your patients in the eye-again, they are people. You'll see what I mean as the years go by. Good luck to you!
  2. by   kids
    Good advice but you've responded to an 8 year old post.
    The students ahve (likely) long since graduated and may of the posters moved on.