comprehensive final fundamentals of nursing

  1. How should I spend the next couple of days studying. I've been using a nclex question practice to study. Not sure if I should use any other methods. I feel like its a waste of time going over the book. I'm thinking I should skim the notes too. Any ideas? Freaking out because I have to get a pretty decent score to pass by the skin of my teeth.
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  3. by   Julesmama28
    I took mine today. I wish I would have found more test bank type questions to study. My teacher apparently took them all from some source like that and we all bet that if she had to take her own test she would probably flunk. It was bad. I guess I'll find out how bad when I get my grade!

    Just go over the chapter reviews and look over those questions. Good luck!
  4. by   rubato
    I'm just using all my powerpoints and notes. We have had 5 unit exams. I'm not worried about 5, because I just took it Friday. But, I'm going through all the lecture material for the first 4 units. I got 1 and 2 done, and today, I have to get through all of 3 and 4, which were the hardest. Final tomorrow, but I only need a 60 or better. I am going out for a drink tomorrow with a group of others after the final. The sad part is, that'll be at about 11 am!
  5. by   FDW630
    If you have potter and perry, the questions at the end of the chapters are awesome. If you get them right, you know that chapter inside and out. My final is tomorrow and Im spending today (after my pot of coffee (; ) reading my chapter outlines I made for each exam and studying the boxes I have marked in the chapters. The good thing about comprehensive finals is, you already have your notes made and you have already taken the test in a just have to brush up. Good luck!
  6. by   seriouslyserious
    cannot study for this... they ask random (AND I MEAN RANDOM) questions... i felt like i guessed my way through the entire test. i ended up with a "B" in my fundamentals course because i failed this thing. 5 more points and i would have a 90%. the average scores were in the 700s (which equates to 60%-70%). didn't help that i was late and only got half the time to take it either.
  7. by   Julesmama28
    I got an 88, so didn't flunk but not my best test either! Good luck!
  8. by   Nurse.Gina
    I made a B and really just read over the end of chapter reviews and did a few online questions...
  9. by   bmelissa
    I took mine today and the for the past few days I have done nothing but answer NCLEX style practice questions. I made a 94!!!
  10. by   truckinusa
    I passed! Just by the skin of my teeth too. I can't believe it. Just got done celebrating.