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:D I am completely ADDICTED to this web site! I have been looking up Nursing info for about a year and never found this site until a week or so ago. Ive been sitting here all afternoon... Read More

  1. by   caligirl
    Ok.. I think Anna is in my online class. Is her name Annalise?

    This is too crazy!!!
  2. by   rnnurse2be
    Yes, but she goes by Anna in real life. She's a HOOT and has the mouth of a sailor (You would NEVER guess by looking at her though). We had a lot of laughs in A&P (a lot of groans too, lol) ok in that online class do you know Inga? She's a great friend of mine. Then there is Nela and Jennifer and.... I think I know most of them. I know one or two more not listed. We were all in A&P together.
  3. by   caligirl
    OMG!! Yes! I have "talked" to them all online in the class.. I will post a message to them that I found you here....

  4. by   maire
    This thread has been officially hijacked.
  5. by   caligirl
    Im sorry!! Did I hijack it? It that fau paux on bulletin boards?
    heehee... sorry!
  6. by   sbic56
    I think in this case you will be forgiven.

    It's just too cool the commonalities you two have found by stumbling across each other here and you may not have done so without this board.
  7. by   rnnurse2be
    That is a fact, we never would have met!

    I already told Inga about you Tammy, she thought it was strange as well! A few days before I had told her about this awesome site for Nurses ( and wannabes).

    What a Hoot!
  8. by   RNinRubySlippers
    I too check back way to much. I often find that I have been here for 2 hours!! I could been studying!! Anyhow, this IS a great site and I have had help from so many of you! Thanks!
  9. by   rnnurse2be
    Ive learned a LOT from reading different posts on this site.