Compass test

  1. How did you study for the Compass test. Did you find it very difficult?
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  3. by   essarge
    What is this test?
  4. by   camkib
    I didn't study for the compass, but I should have at least reviewed math. They say hindsight is 20/20. I did well on the English portion, but placed in high school algebra for math. I'm certain a review would have worked wonders for my score because I had no problems at all when I took the required remedial classes.
  5. by   bedpan
    The Compass is very similar to the Asset test I had to take for my Program - Since I had had no formal education in almost 30 years I felt I definately needed to brush up on a few things! I found several books at the public library on studying for the ACT (All these tests are similar) and studied that - When I took my ASSEST I scored high enough to get a scholarship!

    As a matter of fact, there were two ladies who took the ASSET with me who did not score high enough to meet the minimum requirement who took my suggestion and went to the Library after that also - They retook the test and scored high enough and are now in class with me!
  6. by   angelac1978
    I had to take the compass test as well and the only thing I reviewed was the math section. I am so glad I did that because it had been years since I had looked at college algebra. Otherwise, the test isn't that bad. Good luck!

  7. by   AmyLiz
    I only had to take the math portion. I did brush up on it, since I don't usually work with numbers (except when it comes to balancing my checkbook!).

    Luckily my school had some practice sheets for their dev math classes & my advisor snagged some for me. I worked out the problems on the worksheets & visited (wonderful site), so once I took the test, it was no problem. I placed in college algebra, which is higher than I needed to place for the program. (Kinda made me feel bad though, cos I took College Algebra II & Trig when I was getting my BA 10 years ago!...And I got a B in that class!!)
  8. by   Kimistry
    I am going to the library and have already checked out Thanks a bunch!
  9. by   bedpan
    You are very welcome