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How hard is college algebra? I haven't had a math/algebra class in years. I just ordered a fundamentals of algebra book online to refresh my memory.... Read More

  1. by   k9's mom
    Thanks! I'm going for my ASN now, but there's some of the classes that I've taken that'll apply towards BSN. One degree at a time.....One day at a time!
  2. by   k9's mom
    It's been more years that I want to think about since I had high school Algebra, but the book should help as a refresher.....there was also videos that I checked out from the College library that helped too.
  3. by   nessa1982
    I took statistics instead (the schools I looked at prefered that over College Algebra anyhow) talk to your counselor abou it. Stat migh tbe easier for you
  4. by   zannie
    I'm taking a general math course that is half algebra half statistics... I really like it so far (summer course)... maybe you could try something like that... you learn the algebra, but it's not the sole focus of the class.
  5. by   GPatty
    I had to take Algebra 2X....I just didn't get it! But the 2nd teacher was more understanding and helped all of us who were having a hard time....I got a C.
    Intermediate Algebra was even better! I had the BEST instructor who I found out later was also the Dean of Acedemic Affairs at my school! Didn't find out until AFTER the class, but he helped all of us and was always there to help if we needed him. Stayed after, came in early, it didn't matter. He was there, and I appreciate him!
  6. by   RNIAM
    I am horrible in math and I found it kind of tough but I still got a c+ in that class.
  7. by   k9's mom
    I wish I could take Stats but College Alg. is a prereq. where I'm going for my RN. Class starts Tues. It'll be OK...when it's over!!!
  8. by   krisRN2B
    I started taking math in college at below college level courses because I hated it in high school and learned very little math. It took 2 semesters to get up to level and then I worked my way up to Calculus and really loved the classes because I actually got the material and wanted to learn. It was hard work sometimes but I made a point to not let myself slip behind. The way I see it, is that if you are placed into a class, any class, then you should be able to do well because it is at your skill level. Im sure some people disagree. I just tell myself that and it works for me. Good luck to you, cheryle.