Clinicals start in less than a week, I am in in frenzy!

  1. So, I start clinicals on Monday, the 9th and I seem to have worked myself into a full blown frenzy! Sunday I worked my butt off getting all the Christmas taken down and put away, Monday I spent cleaning out the 5 yr olds room and getting rid of clothes and toys that she has outgrown. All the while I have been laundering like mad. Yesterday I cleaned out most of my desk at work. Tonight I did the grocery, and tackled our basement rec room, which has become more of a storage room than a rec room. I hope to get this all cleaned out and organized with a study and scrapbook space for me by the weekend. I plan on getting all my supplies together on Sat so I can spend Sunday night in peace with my family. Hubby must think I have gone mad! :chuckle Will have to see his reaction when he gets home!

    Who else is doing the last minute cram of things you don't think you will have time for once school starts?
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  3. by   onehusbandsevenkids
    Quote from LoriRN2B
    Who else is doing the last minute cram of things you don't think you will have time for once school starts?

    ME! Except that I've procrastinated more than I should have and planned on having Fri, Sat & Sun to get everything accomplished and well, come to find out, we have to travel to Indiana for a my husbands grandmothers funeral and will stuff - will leave Fri morning (4 hr drive) and not return until Sunday night.
    Class starts 8am Monday!!!

    So, I have tomorrow to get *everything* done....I'm going to be a madwoman running around totally stressed out - ugh! Yo u have no idea the things I need to get done.....
    Will be at the bookstore bright and early at 7:30am to get my books so that will be taken care of.
    But I dont even have child care worked out for this semester yet and there isn't anyone to do it! AHHHH!!!! I need a miracle or two very quickly here!

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   ShockerGirl
    I'm the total opposite and I hate it! I have nothing to do, I only work 12 hrs a week, so i'm at home the rest of the time and I've been getting stir crazy! I have enjoyed sleeping until noon though! But that has to stop because school starts the 17th!!
  5. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I have to MOVE 3 hours away if that tells you anything. I really have a lot to do.
  6. by   Achoo!
    I've tried, but I have to read 2 chapters for the first day. One is 88 pages long, the other 45!! So much for getting everything else done
  7. by   maledi
    I'm with you there. It sounds like you are getting the OCD's I get before I tackle a new semester. I think I feel the need to organize, be free of clutter, and control what I can at home, because I know what I am in for. Sometimes I wll do things that don't need to be done just out of restlessness and nervousness. My husband picks on me and thinks I am out of my mind. I guess he hasn't been to nursing school.(I don't really have OCD). Good Luck!