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Just wondering what the uniform is at everyone else's school. We have whites and a blue/white pinstriped cobber's apron.... Read More

  1. by   ntigrad
    If you're tired of wearing white undies, remember this... white shows up MORE under white pants and tops, so you have this panty/bra outline showing through your clothes. Fleshy-tone or pale pink works the best.
  2. by   NurseWeasel
    OK I take back those bad vibes about the teal scrubs. I'm thankful for them now. I can wear obnoxiously colored chonies if I want! :chuckle
  3. by   christinemj
    We wear all white scrubs of our choosing. This semester is even easier since we only have to wear the white pants for the maternity rotation. The hospital supplies colored scrub tops. For our Community rotation we will wear professional street clothes with only a white lab coat over it. I guess we're lucky!!
  4. by   annies
    White, see- through polyester pants with a stitched crease, burgundy top that snaps and a gray smock jacket with snaps (optional). It's not the prettiest color combination, but not as bad as it could be. Repeat after me, it's only 2 days a week.

  5. by   WannaBe
    I don't know if i must be happy or sad. We have to "choose" our own uniform:

    1. navy skirt/pants
    2. plain white opaque stop
    3. closed navy shoes

  6. by   Nurse Izzy
    I'm in an ADN program at a community college in Alabama and our uniforms are Landau, all white with the school patch sewn on the left front breast. The top is tunic length and is a little fitted through the waist area but not uncomfortably so - they're actually not that bad and most people (98%) look good in them. The only bad thing about all white is you feel like a dirt magnet!
  7. by   StrugglinStuden
    Originally posted by mjlrn97
    We had a bonfire at a classmate's house after graduation, into which many of us happily tossed our whites.
    We, also, must have white. However, there is a store in Tulsa that will take your old white uniforms and tye-dye them or color them however you want. (For those of us that are not dye experts). I just dont see spending all that money on scrubs for school, just to toss them! Now case studies...those make great fuel for a bonfire!!
  8. by   tatianamik
    Originally posted by Nessa1982
    Ours are all white. We buy them ourselves, so we can get watever we want as long as its white. We also buy patches to put on the sleeves of our scrub tops
    Ditto. We also have to have a white lab jacket. Occassionally (like psych and community) we have to wear "professional dress" and our lab coat instead of our scrubs.
  9. by   subec
    I actually like our uniform---mainly because it isn't white.

    We wear navy scrubs with our school patch on the left arm. For psych and community, we wear professional street clothes with our white lab coat.
  10. by   Patti RNstudent
    WELL!!!! We USED to have to wear white polyester pants, top w/ atttached apron w/ burgundy stripes, white lab coat, and the wonderful CAP!!! Proud to say our class pouted, and now we no longer have caps We wear burgundy polo shirts w/ school logo on LEFT sleeve, white pants w/ pleat and burgundy scrub jacket w/ school logo on L sleeve and white lab coat (long) w/ logo again. For psych and community casual street clothes. Our class was the last to wear cap and old uniforms, we're putting them in a display case, maybe even a museum someday!!! LOL The worst? The CAP!!!!
  11. by   chelli73
    WHITE, WHITE, WHITE!!!!! And a burgundy "tabblet" whatever that means!!! LOL. Looks like one onf those pullover aprons, fits like those "the world is about to end" signs!!!! School logo on left side, which I accidentally dyed burgundy in the was white and blue!