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Hello everyone... I did check the archives for this but I was pretty frustrated when I found out today that the uniform requirement for clinicals is white skirt (I think white pants are okay too),... Read More

  1. by   essarge
    WHITE, WHITE, WHITE, WHITE! That basically describes out uniform. No clogs, white underwear (you can tell under white uniforms), and the uniform itself....well, even peter pan wouldn't wear it!! One more year after this and IT WILL BE BURNED!!!

    We are the only school that actually wears a nursing uniform (not scrubs like most schools). Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb!! I opt for a "consultation" jacket. Many pockets and very comfortable also.
  2. by   BMS4
    Where I went to school, they were three programs. My school wore all white including undergarments (most white uniforms are pretty see through). One of the schools was a private Christian BSN program, they wore lite blue dresses with the nursing cap. The students hated them.
  3. by   MelSky
    we have to wear all white white pants, white shirt, white shoes, and white lab coat. and we can't wear scrub tops because the head of the nursing dept. at my school thinks they're too low cut, risque, and unprofessional. she's such a crack head, i swear.
  4. by   MidwifeWannaB
    I just found out that we wear a green polo short, white scrub pants (BAD for women, don't you think?!) and a white vest with our school patch on the chest. No hats. I'm sorry, Loubell.
  5. by   MidwifeWannaB
    Whoa, didn't mean to make that scary face. Sorry.

  6. by   PennyLane
    The fact that men don't have to wear them seems pretty sexist to me. Nursing has changed a lot over the years, along with the rest of the medical field. To me the hat exemplifies all the usual stereotypes about nurses just being there for TLC. What an awful way to make the white hat nurses stand out from the male nurses! This way it's almost like the men are above the women in hierarchy. I would definitely protest that!!!
  7. by   jdomep
    No hats here White pants and a turquois blue shirt w/logo and scrub jackets - we all look very nice and I think we stand out as students

    BTW - Are white thongs permisable? And how would they know...LOL
  8. by   vashka25
    Our class is organizing a grad party in which we are all going to BURN our whites !!!!!

    (On a funny note: we don't get hats or pinned for our grad ceremonies or pics...and my class is mad....we want to wear the darn hat and get pinned just like our nursing ancestors have for the past few hundred years)..... must be a Canadian
  9. by   Jenn_RN
    We have to wear red scrubs with our school patch and a white knee length lab coat also with the patch. A lot of the students have been complaining, but I like them (I look better in red than any other color, haha). White shoes, can be clogs but they have to have a back.
  10. by   EmeraldNYL
    I know most younger nurses hate the idea of hats, but one of my professors was saying the other day that she wishes they would bring them back. She is an older woman, and says she was mistaken for a housekeeper the other day while working in the hospital because everyone dresses the same! Her argument is that hats distinguish nurses from all the other people in the hospital. What do you guys think about this? Just a thought...
  11. by   bet0326
    Originally posted by kimtab
    Just curious for the person required to wear white the heck do they know if you are in compliance? Do they make you strip if they don't see visible panty lines? Weird!
    That's a great question. Nursing minds would like to know!!:chuckle
  12. by   colleen10
    "The information came from a guy I know that is in clinicals now. He tells me that even the guys have to wear them and yes that is all of the time. "

    OMG!!!! Loubell, that made me bust out laughing just picturing some poor male nsg. stdt. with a cap on.

    I had a pretty bad day and you totally made me crack up.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  13. by   Loubell RN 2B
    Thanks everyone for telling me your story of clinical attire. I think the comment from EmeraldNYL about being distinguishable from the housekeeper makes me feel a little better about it. I certainly do not want to be putting all of my money into this program to be mistaken as part of the ganitorial staff (no offense).. Do not get me wrong, I stilll intend on questioning them about it but since they have done it for so long, I doubt I can get them to change..

    Thanks again,