Clinical Simulations?

  1. Does anyone else in the world have to do clinical simulations as a final?
    This is what we have to do: We are given a pretend patient--dr's orders, etc, and have to give the patient (aka plastic man) care. Its SO hard for me to pretend--I always get marked down on my communication. But how am I supposed to communicate with a plastic dummy?
    Do any other schools have to do this inorder to pass clinicals? we're all convinced its just a NM thing...
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  3. by   Carolanne
    I never heard of this form of a final before, but it's probably a good learning tool for you. I would just practice on people or even a stuffed animal if no one is around before hand, get used to talking out loud and going through the motions. Maybe the plastic guy won't be so bad after all ... at least he won't give you a hard time! :chuckle :chuckle Good luck!
  4. by   Vsummer1
    Before we could do clinicals with real people we had to pass with the dummies. Wet to dry, catheters, ROM, NG tubes. I can't remember what all. We drew two things out of a hat and had to perform them. If we got it wrong, we drew again.
  5. by   jonnygirl27
    We test on individual skills throughout the semester--NGs, IVs, etc...
    I think I just hate talking to a hunk of plastic
  6. by   Jennerizer
    Yep, we had to do that many times with skills evaluations. Never for a final grade though. In fact, we couldn't start clinicals until we passed the evaluations first.
  7. by   kbstudent
    We don't do scenarios as our final, but each quarter there is what they call a Video Competency. We have to do the assigned task competently on video tape. You must re-do it until you pass. For example we do, PO meds, IM injections on a newborn, IV piggyback and IV push to name a few. At first it was awful, but we are used to it now.
  8. by   Jailhouse RN
    Yes I had to do clinical simulated care to show that Iwas able to safely perform certain clinical procedures. This is not at all uncommon.
  9. by   busybeaver
    Yes, we have the same thing. The scenario may include anything that we "check off" on in skills lab during the semester. I found it helpful to take advantage of open skills lab time to practice all of the skills that I have learned. I have my "final" on Wednesday. It's very intimidating to have it all come down to how I perform during that 30 minute time slot. At least we get more than one try though. In our lab they set up the scenario with mistakes that we are required to notice right away. (Such O2 at the wrong setting.) Good luck and just keep practicing and studying!!
  10. by   NATTY SN
    Busybeaver, I also have my CBE on wednesday. Only have three skills to choose from suctioning, wet to dry dressing, or foley cath. It's still nerve wrecking!!!!! I can't wait until it is all over so I can just concentrate on my final and be done with this semester. Best of luck to all !!! Busy I will think of you before I go in for my CBE!!!! Good luck let me know how well you do!!!!!
  11. by   busybeaver
    It's over, it's over. Whew what a relief. I also had my 6th exam today. It's nice to have these hurdles behind me. Last hurdle is the final on Monday, then semester 3 here I come! Hope you did well!
  12. by   anewnurse
    im in CNA school and everyday in order to "pass" the new procedure, we would have to perform on the dummies. we have a fake hospital in my school and would be in ther 4 out of 5 days a week passing things of on the dummies, and i mean the teacher made you act as it it were real or it would be a 're-do'. i also went to two differnt compititions, one for regional and the other state, we had to perform certain tasks in front of judges on the fake dummies, that was a little strange. but jsut hold your breath, do it, and in the end you'll thank yourself for it, it helps to practice!! good luck!
  13. by   NATTY SN
    I know what you mean!!!! I am so relieved and once again I also have my nursing exam same day as you Monday!! There goes my weekend I am so glad you did well and I hope that you ace the final exam as well!!!!! Best of luck to you and everyone else on finals!!!!
  14. by   IowaCindy
    I misread your subject line!!!

    We had simulations throughout our first semester of classes in our ADN program. They were good for me. Particularly when we had an encouraging instructor. I like talking through new situations, giving myself a 'script' so to speak.

    We did have a simulation for our assessment class final, but we had a partner from class for that.