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Hello All, I am finishing up my ADN with 9 weeks to go. I'm in my mid fifties. In my current rotation we care for as many as 5 patients on a cardiac tele unit. I am overwhelmed to say the least. I... Read More

  1. by   PatMac10,RN
    Congrats on your coming graduation!!!!!

    OP, it sounds like you just need some methods to help you manage your patient load more effectively. I'm graduating from an ADN program too! In 5 weeks!!!!!!! We are taking between 4 to 5 patients now, and have been since fall semester. I didn't think that I could do it, but surprisingly I maintained. You can do it too! There are some in our class that can handle 3 a lot better than they can 4. In school we usually get an assignment/patient-load that Has mixed acuity patients. Our instructors never gives us more than 2 high acuity patients at one time. It can be difficult working on a cardiac/telemetry unit, I did my preceptorship in the CVICU, the typical patient load is 3 patients there, unless there is a fresh CABG, then that's one on one. The telemetry unit at the hospital where we do clinical, generally, has higher acuity patients admitted mostly.

    Around here, Patients on floors like CCU and telemetry usually have multiple comorbidities and multisystemic issues that require I higher level of critical thinking, attention, and care. That being the case, when on that floor we typically won't have more than 3 -4 mixed acuity patients. We still do most of our ADLs and take our own vitals. We help with baths and must chart a full shift assessment and a "mini-asseesemt"/nursing notes every 2 hours in each patient we have. We call the docs, pharmacy, central supply, nutrition, respiratory, and PTwith our primary nurse or instructor nearby for reference if we need it. We give our own meds individually, which the instructor or prinary nurse must sign off on each time. That process can slow you down tremendously bc we also don't have access to the Pyxis, but somehow we manage, and we most meds on schedule too!

    I believe that once you find a time management plan or nursing brain sheet that works for you, you will do great!
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    I think it sets up a student for errors and patients for harm to expect a novice to manage such a load safely.
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    Apparently some nurses think it's ok to eat their own young. Mentor and support the new ones for the very reason that it IS a tough profession! Someday they will be taking care of YOU - why make them bitter!
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    Oh gosh do I feel your pain!
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    Quote from chrisrn24
    Agree to disagree it is.
    I believe you have been honest as well as very respectful. Thank you for advocating for new enhances patient care in the long run.