1. Hello Everyone,

    Have anyone taken A&P I and Microbiology at the sametime? Do you suggest to take one at a time?

    Advise Please!!!

    Thanks A Million
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  3. by   2banurse
    Usually you need to take A&P 1 first before you can take microbiology.

  4. by   camkib
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by 2banurse
    [B]Usually you need to take A&P 1 first before you can take microbiology.

    A&P II is a prereq for Micro at my school too
  5. by   giftedRN
    well, I did both a&p1 and microbiology at the same time during the summer and did great. If you are a bookworm as I am you will do great.

  6. by   SueBDoo
    I did physiology before Micro. and I believe that it helped me to understand what was going on in micro better. Good Luck!!
  7. by   peachsncrem29
    Hi everyone....I am LPN at this time........going for RN-ADN
    I am starting with basic classes first....
    I have along way to go before i get to nursing classes
    I been out of school for the last 13yrs.
    Need to do algebra, chemistry, biology, computer class this term
    next term I will do english1 that is writing class that i reall, Hlt
    i will take them two in summer
    then in the fall it will be eng111, bio145, and one more class

    well this site is reall nice .......
    wish u all have good day be sweet.
  8. by   tabbeycatt
    We are required to take A&P and chemistry before Micro. I thought A&P was challenging but I used my book's website and flash cards and did fine.

    Good luck to you!
  9. by   RNIAM
    I am planning to take A&P 2,micro and nursing 102 this semester. I tell you how it turns out at the end of the semester. Anything can be done if you put your mind to it and study hard, good luck
  10. by   dianacs
    I took both at the same time and did fine. It's a matter of organization and putting in the study time. Good luck to you!