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  1. peachsncrem29

    Results of the new BUTT study are in...

    very good, there both good
  2. peachsncrem29

    Studying for CCRN. Argh!

    zee, your going to ace that test !!!!!!!!!!!!!! your in my prayes god bless
  3. Please please please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THE PAY RATE IN GA? HERE IN NORFOLK, VA I MAKE 16.OO DOLLARS MY LAST JOB I MADE 18.00 WITH HEALTH INSURANCE.... SO PLEASE HELP?????????????????
  4. peachsncrem29

    Are there any Excelsior students from VA

    GBgirl HI, next to hear from you Well thats sounds good I am going through college network right now im starting with psychology and life span,
  5. peachsncrem29

    Are there any Excelsior students from VA

    Hi would any of you like to start a study group on line together for distance learning?????????????? I am doing college network at this time.....................for my Rn-ADN
  6. peachsncrem29

    Are there any Excelsior students from VA

    Hi, Deborah I just started using college network/ EC I live in norfolk
  7. peachsncrem29


    Hi everyone....I am LPN at this time........going for RN-ADN I am starting with basic classes first.... I have along way to go before i get to nursing classes I been out of school for the last 13yrs. Need to do algebra, chemistry, biology, computer class this term next term I will do english1 that is writing class that i reall need...lol...., Hlt i will take them two in summer then in the fall it will be eng111, bio145, and one more class well this site is reall nice ....... wish u all have good day be sweet.
  8. peachsncrem29

    long term night shift work versus health

    HI, nite shift is very hard on the body. I don't care how long u been working nights your body dont get us to it...
  9. peachsncrem29

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hi,Just would like to say Happy New Year to every one I am single mother of one nine year gurl While I am LPN working on ADN-RN this would be my first term in my prerequisites I have to take chm01, bio01, mth03 (algebra), i have been out of High school for 12yrs. ok these are the only classes i have to take for my program STD100-orientation BIO145 OR BIO142/142 BIO150-micro ENG111 SPD100-SPEAKING PSY201 SOC200 PHI220 IST117-computer So this term i would be taking bio01, chm01, mth03, std100 so in the summer Iwould be taking eng11, hlt143, ist117 in the fall i would take bio145 with lab, spd100, ph220
  10. peachsncrem29

    Please Please Help What ....

    Thank you all for ur input....StaceyS that sounds good thk for that ideal
  11. peachsncrem29


    HI how do u go about being a SRNA OR MDA??????????? PLEASE TELL ME
  12. peachsncrem29

    No holiday pay!!??

    Hi, at my place of employment we get double time and 8hours of hoilday pay. thats if ur full time but if ur part time prn float u get time and half after u work the 2nd hoilday. fulltime ppl make out much put then parttime ppl around the hoilday. but prn get paid more
  13. peachsncrem29

    Please Please Help What ....

    Thank you all for your input ... I am going to get my ADn first then im going back to get bsn in biology and Health admin that will take me 3yrs them im going doctor pharmacist.......which i will then have to do three years to do Thank you all for ur in put WISH U ALL HAVE HAPPY NEW YEAR AND BE SAFE I really like this thread stuff peach to all my GOD bless us all
  14. peachsncrem29

    Please Please Help What ....

    Well thank you all for your replys.... looking for more replys too this
  15. peachsncrem29

    Please Please Help What ....

    HI, I'm LPN at this time. I have been for the past 2yrs I am now going back to get my RN, ADN oK hERE IS THE QUESTION...should i go for my BSN WHICH WOULD TAKE ME LONGER SINCE I HAVE NO CLASSES DONE OR MY ADN THAT I CAN DO IN 3YRS OR LESS tHESE are the classes i need for my RN-adn these classes here are my pre-prequire because i been out of school for over 13yrs.... bio-01......chm-01.......mth03.....eng01... These are my prerequistites... eng111.......bio-145......phi-220....ist-117 bio-150.....hlt-143......psy-201.......spd-100 soc-200.....std-100..... what classes should I take first please help me.......on what classes to take with what... PLease i need more classes then this for my BSN-rn
  16. peachsncrem29

    Chancellor's/Regent College for RN?

    Hi, Very good page...... can some one tell me more about RUE?????????? they told me they give u books and study guides......... so if anyone done this help me out here pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeplease tell me about RUE