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Hey yall! Just wondering if there are any of us out there still working on pre-reqs - hopeful nursing graduates of 2006? Roll call! :) I'm the 26yo mama of two boys (5yrs and 18mos). I... Read More

  1. by   manna
    Well, I gave in and called the school. The first batch of admissions/rejection letters went out yesterday, so I hope mine is among that group! The wait's getting shorter...

    This semester has me worn thin. My philosophy class is great, if not seeming a little pointless. Literature is tolerable, I think I'll end up with a B - the instructor isn't very communicative. Chem is horrific.... my home lab kit's scale was broken, so I had to wait on them to replace it. It only recently came in, so now I'm nearly 1/2 semester behind - on chemistry of all things! Eek! I have three proctored chem exams to take the week after spring break, so I've really got to hit the books.

    How is everybody else holding out?
  2. by   AmyLiz
    I've got 1 1/2 more weeks left in the quarter...and I can't wait until it's all over! I'm burnt out on A&P. I'm in the 3rd & final class in the series. Thank God. I've got a lab exam tonight & the final next thursday. I've got my final developmental psych exam next week too. I'm soooooo looking forward to spring break so that I don't have to actively THINK for a week. Although I will be getting a start on my pharmacology then.

    I'm waiting to hear back from a local hospital. I applied for a job as a dialysis technician & got a phone call from them on my machine yesterday. Called back & left a message this morning. I hate waiting.
  3. by   angelac1978
    I got my HOBET scores today and placed in a higher percentile than I thought I would. The application deadline isn't until mid April so I won't know if I even get an interview until May! argh! anyway.

    Manna, keeping my fingers crossed that a good letter is on its way to you!

  4. by   Dublin37
    hey manna congrats! i read about your acceptance on the other post. cooooooool. :hatparty:

    if i don't start in the fall it may be a blessing in disguise. just found out in the last two weeks that my sister has cancer, has end-stage cancer, is dieing, has come home to enjoy what little time she has left with us. such a drag, i have been such a mess. i'm just hoping i can make it through my pharm. class this semester. :uhoh21:
    so if i don't get in come fall, that's fine with me. this kind of thing sure puts everything in perspective!

    we all (my family) think it's kind of ironic now, that i want to go into nursing. everyone thinks i know stuff, since i want to be a nurse. they all think i'm the expert.

    if you could all keep me and my fam. in your prayers, i'd appreciate it. thanks! heather
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  5. by   agent
    Congrats Manna.

    Dublin, I'll pray.

    Just got my entrance exam results back.

    95th percentile overall. Not too shabby for being worried I didnt do very well.

  6. by   AmyLiz sorry to hear of your sister. You & your family will be in my thoughts & prayers.

    Agent...ALRIIIGHT! :hatparty: Told you that you'd do fine.
  7. by   AmyLiz
    I got some news too...I got a call back from the hospital & they want to set up an interview for this coming week. Now if we can just stop playing phone tag....
  8. by   Paleobug
    Congrats. Manna. Sorry to hear about your sister, Dublin.

    Congrats. Agent. I take my NLN test next month and all I have to get right is 100 out of 200 to pass. So far, getting an A- in A&P II.
  9. by   agent
    Just to give you a frame of reference, I got 119 correct and had a composite score of 137.

    BTW the science section is heavily weighted. If you want to get a high score/percentile, you need to do well in science.

    I got 85/87th percentile in verbal/math but 96th percentile overall in science.

    The science score really helped me out.
  10. by   Paleobug
    Thanks Agent. I've been studying using the NLN review guide for a while when I can. Everyone at school who have taken the NLN said that the review guide helped out a lot. Also I think having most of A&P done will help too.
  11. by   agent
    I really didnt have a good deal of anatomy..

    the electrical circuits questions (know more than just parallel) and the physics questions through me.

    I didnt know the average newton weight of an adult human.. things like that

    in math, just know proportions and be able to convert from percent to decimal to fraction and vice versa.. i found myself flying throuhg math problems and still running short on time.

    The verbal was fairly easy with some terms I dont tink many people have ever heard of.. just roll with the punches and you'll probably get done with that early.

    Like I mentioned, focus most of the science. Its weighted the heaviest. Since I got a 96 in science it brought my overall to a 95.
  12. by   Paleobug
    I took physics when I got my first degree in geology, but that was 20 years ago. I'll try to focus on that and chemistry when I study.
  13. by   Dublin37
    thanks everyone, i appreciate your prayers. some days are better than others. heather