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I am writing a paper on circumcision and the response of the baby during and afterward. Does any body know any good web sites to find articles and resources. I would alos like to know your opinion... Read More

  1. by   KristaB
    Originally posted by mgthompson
    I'd like it better if I hadn't had to have a part of my son removed aqt birth too, but I know so many guys who had to have it done later in life that I didn't ever want him to have to go through that. When it's done later, it's not just that it is so much more serious, but it can cause psych problems too (mini-castration, almost..)
    I'd love to see the actual number of men that have to get "mini-castrations" as adults because they weren't circumcised as babies. My guess is that it is a very low number.

    Also, penile cancer is one of the most rare forms of cancer that a man can get. It would be much more effective to prevent cases of cancer by doing mastectomies on all baby girls to prevent breast cancer. Mastectomies are also very psychologically damaging. I guess it would be better to mutilate all females as babies to spare them the *possiblity* that they might have to go through it later in life.


  2. by   mgthompson
    Are you seriously comparing circumcisions to mastectomies? Let's stay real, please! I don't advocate circumcisions without anesthesia, let me say that straight off. But having seen the minimal amount of distress that circumcised infants (with anesthesia) show after the procedure, and having experienced many UTIs myself, I do think the discomfort is comparable. Yes, hygiene can prevent most UTIs, but you know about (many) boys/men and bathing.. I don't want to force everyone to circumcise their child, all I was trying to say is that I felt the evidence was compelling enough to choose it for MY son.

    (and yes, I saw the /sarcasm..)
  3. by   fergus51
    One nurse I know said it is like removing teeth to prevent cavities. Is that a better comparison?
  4. by   KristaB
    Thanks, Fergus. That is a better comparison. You can't trust people to brush their teeth, you know.

    And mg, I was trying to get you to see the absurdity of your statement. Saying we should cut off a piece of each boy's penis to prevent a *very few* cases of penile cancer is just as absurd as suggesting we perform mastectomies on baby girls. You're the one that said adult circumcision was like a "mini-castration." What about men that have to have a testicle removed as adults? Those are real castrations, probably much more psychologically damaging, AND it happens far more often than men (with poor hygiene or penile cancer or whatever) have to be circumcised as adults. I guess what I'm trying to get you to see is that there are a lot of things that we can prevent by cutting them out/off at birth, but it doesn't make it the right thing to do. Circumcision is an unnecessary cosmetic procedure (unless we're talking about doing it because of religion or for a *real* -- not a possibly-someday-in-the-future -- medical condition, different ball of wax for both) with real risks. I think there are better things to advocate for than doing a cosmetic procedure to reduce the off chance of getting penile cancer or a UTI because we can't trust men and boys to stay clean.

    But don't take it from me. The American Academy of Pediatrics backs me up on this one.
  5. by   semstr
    Hi all of you,

    well where I come from and where I live now, it is not usus to cici the male children.
    As an old ped nurse, I've seen a few boys who really needed the operation due to a phimosis, this is always done in general anesthesia plus a 1 night stay for boy and parent.

    I don't think the boys here in Europe have more uro- infektions as the ones in the US, who are circumcised.

    I think it is cruel to have it done automatically and without painkillers or anesthesia.

    Take care, Renee
    This circ debate is getting really freakin old.

    Another thread, pages long, with a bunch of women speaking of the necessity/atrocity of the circ. While the men walk around probably not giving a s**t about it!

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    Heather I think you have about summed it up.

    I posted a poll on the general nursing discussion for the guys. We can beat this dead horse a little more before putting it to rest.
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