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  1. Hi all it is Andrew S.N, yeah i like saying it, anyway i just wanted to check in on every one and let you all know how i am doing in my program. So far so good, we took our first test and i was so nervous and i studied like crazy and i knew my stuff but i was just worried because there is always something that you leave out and then BOOM its on the test. But out of 100 questions i was 100% sure about 90 of them. But i got a B(89%) which i am super proud, i do kick myself because the questions i missed were the easiest ones( like how long do you wash your hands for i picked 30 seconds and the answer was 10 seconds) ( and the order of Inspect, Auscultate,Percussion, Palpate) and a few other easy ones. But at least i got the most difficult ones right. I have been practicing answering questions out of the NCLEX-RN book, and that is what i would advise people who may be having a hard time with Nursing program tests to do. because even if the content in the book is not what you are talking about in class right now, it still helps you to answer those nclex style questions.

    Now onto skills, i checked off on glucometer, hand washing so far, and this week we do vitals signs(temp,pulses,resp,B.p,pain assessment,pulse ox) and next week we do bed making,ROM,and Bed bath, and Also next week I START CLINICAL(well just orientation to the hospital) but still I'm psyched, and the week after next is when i get my first client. I am scared, but a good scared, i have an awesome patient, practicing nurse instructor we all love her and she is making our first semester a blast and a great experience.

    Well that it for now hope everyone is having a great time like me, i know it is about to get intense but im up for the challenge

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  3. by   paulie36
    hi ya Andy!
    good luck! try to enjoy your schooling - because it does fly by! and it sounds like you're off to a great start! Stay motivated!! and keep working hard!

    This is my first post - just wanted to get myself in here. I am in my final semester of the RN program up here in B.C and am sooooooooo excited to get at it! Enough being broke already!

    I am going to write your NCLEX exam in the New Year so your advice to start practicing the questions now was appreciated! Can't ever be too soon - right?!
    Have a good week! ltr.p.
  4. by   Daytonite
    Congratulations, Andy! Keep up the good work!
  5. by   ChristineN
    Hi Andy, glad to know it is going well for you. I do not get to start learning patient care type skills until next semester. Right now, we're focusing on communication, medical terminology, and "professional nursing" (covers legal aspects, history, care plans, etc). It is overwhelming at times, but I too, have been pleased with how I have been doing. Right now, I'm carrying an "A" in professional nursing and a "B" in Communication (including med term).

    Noel Christine
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    Good to hear, andy! I know how you feel because all our tests are usually only 50 ?'s, which means that 9 out of 10 times whatever you don't study IS on the test. And the things YOU think are important, usually aren't, so you have to study EVERYTHING in depth. Major lab test today went well but missed a few easy questions. Like "What do you do first when opening sterile gloves?" "Wash hands." An order didn't have a route on it so I said it was a wrong order, but the answer involved getting a urine specimen before starting said med. I dunno.
    It's the way it goes. Congrats on the 89%! Around here, below 80% is an F.